A CentsAble Chat with Personal Finance Coach Bobbi Olsen – BtR 221

Bobbie Olsen, host of the podcast CentsAble Chat, shares insights on budgeting made easy for your personal finances.

About Bobbi Olsen

bobbibw“I can’t afford it” was Bobbi’s motto in life. Because she didn’t believe that any solution could work for her, she passed on opportunities to get out of her financial ruts earlier in life.

Bobbi believed that if she only could make more money or work more hours, then her financial life would improve. It never did. Nothing seemed to make a difference! Payments were still late, credit debt was overwhelming, and financial decisions were made out of desperation. Sound familiar?

Shifting her mindset to understand that money is simply a tool changed everything. There is a discipline to managing money. Today, Bobbi coaches others how to take control of their own finances and live with less stress and worry. Handling emergencies no longer has to be a scary financial scenario for you.

Bobbi has also applied what she learned to produce a financial radio show focused on managing million dollar portfolios, and coaches people on “budgets made easy” so they can live in financial freedom.

Resources and Links

Visit Bobbi’s website, CentsAbleChat.com, and schedule a free consultation towards your own financial freedom.

Check out your mobile app store for the YNAB app, You Need A Budget.

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