From Money Moron to Financial Rockstar – Scott Alan Turner BtR 103

Scott Alan Turner is a family guy and early retiree. Scott learned how to manage his money by accident, and calls himself a former money moron.

Today, Scott Alan Turner hosts his own podcast called the Scott Alan Turner Podcast. That podcast is also a syndicated radio show, and he helps listeners get away from living from paycheck-to-paycheck, pay off debt faster, to ultimately save and invest faster.

We will hear Scott’s story of how he recognized he was in a financial rut after taking the advice from a coworker to “buy as much house as the bank says you can afford.” He found himself overwhelmed with a big mortgage, car payment, furniture purchased on credit, and no money in savings. Following this advice put him officially into the rat race and he didn’t like it.

Today, Scott is married, has children, and is financially free. He helps people find their way to financial freedom following proven strategies with personal finance.

Check out his story in this episode if you haven’t listened already.

If you have listened, check out his website, book, and podcast all linked below.

On Scott’s website, you can find blog posts, podcast episodes and tools like the following to help you with your money:

  • Investing calculator
  • Latte factor calculator
  • 401k loan calculator


Book: 99-Minute Millionaire (buy it on Amazon)

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