How to Adult with Money Featuring Dan Hinz – BtR 211

Dan Hinz talks about the top issue married couples fight about, money. His platform,, helps married and engaged couples get on the same page for financial harmony in matrimony.

About 83% of non-retired Americans have some sort of debt. The average American household owes $15,355 in credit card debt ( The average American owes $47,712 in student loans (Nerd Wallet).

Dan is a financial coach who helps married and couples understand the basics of managing everyday money.

Being in the dark with your own money is hard enough, but if the two of you have no idea what’s going on, problems get a lot worse a lot faster.

Money fights are one of the leading causes of divorce, but it doesn’t have to happen to you!

Dan shares with us some of the following:

  • End money fights forever while carving out room for your own, guilt-free spending.
  • Always know where your money is going and stop hearing, “Why can’t we just take care of this right now?”
  • Save up for a house, get rid of debt, and go on vacation sooner by plugging up the leaky spending that’s holding you back.
  • …and much, much more!

Resources and Links

Check out Dan’s website and download a free copy of his eBook filled with tips on navigating personal finances with your partner.

Subscribe to Dan’s YouTube Channel “#Adulting With Money” and receive great tips every Thursday.

You can also read some of Dan’s blog posts about finances here at

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