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Master Passive Income from Real Estate with Dustin Heiner – BtR 193

Real estate investor Dustin Heiner discusses how he created financial independence by mastering passive income from real estate within six years.

Master Passive Income from Real Estate

If you could travel to the destination of your choice for a month? Where would you go? What if you could do this and not worry about having to return to the office at the end of your trip? Would that change your perception of what is possible? It is possible.

When we caught up with Dustin Heiner, he had just wrapped up a six-week vacation in Europe with his family. They had no worries about whether or not they had enough vacation time saved up, the children did not need to be in school, and they experienced an enrichment no classroom could offer. They were able to offer up the real world. 

Dustin’s lifestyle is supported by passive income from real estate, and it has been that way since he was 37 years old. Of all the entrepreneurial ventures Dustin has created in his life, none gave a return like the passive assets in his portfolio today.

Who is Dustin Heiner?

Dustin was feeling life slip through his fingers if something didn’t change. Financial independence was the way to go so that he could live WITH his family during the years he has on this earth. He dabbled with a variety of entrepreneurial ventures, but only one would support the lifestyle he desired. That was passive income from real estate. 

He immediately looked at the resources he had available, conducted research on where he should make that first investment. California, where he lived at the time, was too expensive and he would not generate any income from anything he purchased. That first piece of passive income rental property was in Ohio! Ohio?! Yes, Ohio.

Over the span of six years, Dustin Heiner was able to own enough passive assets to leave his job. Dustin and his wife homeschool their children and travel wherever they like. They are teaching their children about financial independence, a topic that is not taught in schools. 

The amount of time Dustin spends each month is less than Tim Ferriss’ The Four-Hour Work Week. Property managers and other service professionals handle the work. He keeps what is left after he has paid his team for their services.

His hope is to help others realize they, too, can live the life they always dreamed of living beyond the rut. Passive income from real estate could be the vehicle to finance your dream.

Resources and Links

Dustin Heiner’s website has a free course to get you started in creating a business with passive income rental property, 

You can also read all about his process through his book How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties from Amazon. (Affiliate Link Disclosure.)

Here are a few things you’ll learn from this book:

  • How to buy your first rental property
  • Where you can find that first rental property
  • A different way of looking at residential real estate
  • How to leverage services and tools to create a passive income from real estate

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