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In Happier News After Living the Dream Became a Nightmare – Deanne Goodman BtR 194

News reporter Deanne Goodman shares how she chose to focus on happier news after she realized her dream job had become a nightmare.

When Living the Dream Became a Nightmare

Being a journalist is a tough gig. Deanne hustled, and people noticed. Every day she submitted her five ideas for a story. It was when she volunteered to cover any breaking story at any time that met the criteria if-it-bleeds-it-leads. A happy story just doesn’t sell like one where someone died violently.

One early, snowy, winter morning, she was awakened by a call to cover a motor vehicle accident. “Is it a fatal accident?” she asked. 

When learning the accident was fatal, “Sweet!” Deanne Goodman had become numb to death and even celebrated it like many of her colleagues. It wasn’t just her. Everyone at the station celebrated this story as a win.

This hit home for her when conducting a follow-up story to fatal accidents on that same highway mentioned above. It turns out that the accident and death she covered that winter morning was of her biggest fan. What happened? Why was the world devoid of happier news?

Happier News – No More Celebrating Death

Positive world news was needed, and that’s why Deanne committed to reporting happy news from around the world.

It first started with her career as a journalist where she focused on reporting positive national news, and especially positive news from her local community. There as a lot of resistance from the organizations she worked for, but it also opened up other doors for her.

Deanne Goodman eventually started her own podcast, In Happier News, where you can listen to both interviews and positive world news stories.

Who is Deanne Goodman?

Deanne Goodman is an award-winning journalist with a background in digital and TV news reporting. 

Her mission is to create videos and podcasts that inspire and change lives. 

Deanne is a media spokesperson who frequently appears on the local news who specializes in food, travel and animal stories.   

As host of the In Happier News Podcast, Deanne is thrilled to inspire others and spread positivity. 

She is also the co-founder of Kombucha On Tap, a healthy beverage distribution company in Southern California she and her husband launched. It’s made the list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in San Diego the past two years. 

Deanne is also the mom of two beautiful little girls and an American Eskimo dog. 

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