A daily reading habit can make a difference in your career, marriage, and life in general. Here are seven simple tips to get you started.

7 Simple Tips to Start a Daily Reading Habit – BtR 003

A reading habit can help you in your career, marriage, and more. Here are seven simple tips to start reading today!

A daily reading habit can make a difference in your career, marriage, and life in general. Here are seven simple tips to get you started.

Start a Reading Habit

A reading habit can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. Not only can it provide enjoyment and knowledge, but developing a reading habit can also have a positive impact on your career, marriage, and more.

If you’re looking to start a reading habit, here are seven simple tips to help you get started:

  1. Start small. Don’t try to tackle War and Peace on your first day. Instead, start with a shorter book or even just a few pages of reading each day.
  1. Set aside time each day for reading. Whether it’s 20 minutes before bed or on your lunch break, find a time that works for you and stick to it. Starting with just five minutes a day is better than nothing.
  1. Find a comfortable place to read. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, good lighting, and minimal distractions so you can focus on your reading.
  1. Try audiobooks. Whether you think you don’t like to read, or want something to consume while you drive your car, audiobooks add another way to consume the written word.
  1. Get an e-reader. An e-reader can make it easy to carry around a large number of books with you, so you’re never without something to read.
  1. Start with a topic you already enjoy.
  1. Be patient. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. It takes time to develop a reading habit, so be patient and keep at it.

With these seven simple tips, you can develop a reading habit that will provide enjoyment, knowledge, and many other benefits. So what are you waiting for? Start reading today!

Three life-changing benefits of a reading habit

1. Developing a reading habit can improve your career prospects.

A 2007 study by the National Endowment for the Arts, To Read or Not to Read, found that adults who read for pleasure are more likely to be employed and earn higher incomes than those who don’t read. The study also found that reading can help you develop important skills, such as concentration, critical thinking, and empathy.

Books can give you access to the mindset of mentors whom you normally would not be able to meet in person. Experts will share their knowledge and experiences through books because they know they cannot reach as many people with in-person interactions such as seminars and interviews.

You can listen to Jeff Brown from the Read to Lead podcast discuss the impact that reading has had on his career in episode 269.

Reading about a topic you’re already familiar with in your day-to-day job will give you a deeper understanding of that subject making you a stronger expert for your company.

So if you’re looking to boost your career, reading could be the answer.

2. A reading habit can make you a happier person.

Recent studies show that people who read regularly are more satisfied with their lives than those who don’t read. Reading can provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life, and it can also give you a sense of achievement.

Brain scans of readers reveal that reading gives our brains the same experience as if we had done it ourselves. It’s like uploading knowledge in The Matrix. Maybe we can learn kung fu from reading!

You can read topics that will improve your marriage, add a deeper understanding of a hobby, or escape to a whole new world…like the sand dunes on Arrakis!

3. Reading can improve your marriage.

Couples who read together…couples who read together reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction than those who didn’t read together. Reading can provide a shared experience for couples, and it can also help improve communication and empathy.

So if you want to improve your marriage, consider adding reading to your relationship repertoire. Choose a book that you’re both interested in and take turns reading it aloud to each other. You’ll be surprised at how much closer you’ll feel to your partner!

You don’t even need to read aloud to each other. There are benefits to simply being in the same room while you both read, or reading separately then having discussions about that book. Maybe you’ll pick up some new insights from your spouse you didn’t realize were there before.

Reading is a habit that can provide enjoyment, knowledge, and many other benefits. So what are you waiting for?

In This Episode

  • The reading habit benefits:
    • Books give you access to mentors you normally don’t have access to
    • Take notes on a new subject
    • Audiobooks give you something to listen to on your commute
  • Starting a reading habit on a tight budget: Public Library, Half-Price Books, Kindle Unlimited, etc.
  • Picking topics that you’re already interested in to get a deeper knowledge
  • Five minutes a day can make a difference
  • Where to find that extra time for reading – changing habits
  • Recommended Reading List from Shawn and Brandon

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