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BtR 001 – Introducing Beyond the Rut Podcast

Introducing Beyond the Rut Podcast

Welcome to Beyond the Rut Podcast, a show about inspiring you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You may feel that you have shackled yourself to an average existence for way too long. If you have a desire and dream inside you that you’ve never acted upon, then listening to our show is for you.

Shawn Albright and Brandon Cunningham introduce what you can expect from listening to our weekly episodes. This show is for you. Let us know in the comment below, Tweet us, comment on our Facebook Page, or send us an email at [email protected]. We will the opportunity to answer your questions, and especially honored to share your success stories on the Beyond the Rut Podcast.

Join us every week on Beyond the Rut Podcast.

Brandon Cunningham

Brandon is the leader behind Beyond the Rut Podcast who approached Jerry Dugan from Family Time Q&A Podcast in early 2015 with the idea of helping people realize their dreams. Now, here we are. Welcome to the show, and thank you in advance for subscribing whether via iTunes, Stitcher, or RSS.

Shawn Albright

Shawn is the content developer, the brains behind the content. If there is any semblance of a plan within this team, it is because Shawn asks the questions of what are we going to do, how are we getting there, and how will we make it successful? Basically, he’s the dude asking all the questions. Brandon and Jerry get to come back and say, “Great question! That should be the next BtR episode.”

Jerry Dugan

We mainly added Jerry’s bio to get our word count up to the 300-word minimum to boost our SEO for this article. Shameless, we know. Seriously, Jerry works behind the scenes of Beyond the Rut Podcast and is the voice of our intros and outros in each episode. On occasion, he will fill in as a host in the show.

You can see the bios for the BtR Team here.

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