Before you quit your job out of frustration, consider these steps to see where the real problem lies before you make that decision final.

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Before you quit your job, let’s explore the challenges of hating your job and try these steps that may improve communication, open up growth opportunities, and create career fulfillment where you are now.

Before you quit your job out of frustration, consider these steps to see where the real problem lies before you make that decision final.

If you’re looking for opportunities for growth and ways to expand your skills on a low budget, one option is to negotiate with your supervisor to take on additional responsibilities that are outside of your normal job description (and handing off other responsibilities.)

Delegation of responsibilities not only frees up your leader’s time but also allows you a chance to develop skills for the next level of your career. 

People love formal training programs. However, there may not be funds to send everyone through a class or course. Consider asking if your company will cover the costs of joining a local or national association at a fraction of the cost of attending a formal training program. These associations can provide valuable networking opportunities and access to resources that can help you grow professionally.

It’s important to assess whether you feel fully engaged with your skill sets in your current role. If you find yourself highly skilled but only given mundane tasks like checking mail or orders, it may be worth discussing this with your supervisor. Rather than surprising them during an annual performance review or leaving for another organization.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Invite others into conversations, keep them respectful, and find mutual ground.
  • Engage and contribute in meetings, and stand out in a positive light. 
  • Articulate the top two reasons why people leave their jobs.
  • Take initiative and look for ways to grow your experience and explore new opportunities within the organization if you decide to stay.
  • Evaluate your work situation and know whether it’s time to stay or fold.

Before You Quit Your Job – Bloom Where Planted?

Personal Reflection

In the episode, “Before You Quit Your Job Look For These Opportunities First,” we discuss the dilemma of hating your job and explore key considerations before making the decision to quit. Is your lack of happiness at work really because of the work environment and the people, or is it more of an inside issue? If it’s an inside issue, you won’t be happy at the next place you pick up work, and your rut continues.

Consider how your current situation impacts your faith, family, fitness, finances, and future growth. This is the lens I use to make my major decisions and it is the same one I used when I left a 6-figure income leadership position some time ago.

Resolve Communication Issues

Acknowledging the common feeling of job dissatisfaction can open the doors for improved communication and addressing these feelings. If you have not already shared your frustrations or concerns with your leader, now is the time to ask for a meeting to hash things out. If you have done that and the problems continue, that’s a different story. You have a lot to gain if you have those candid conversations and they go well. You also have clarity of your situation if things do not go well. Overall, by addressing the lack of care and connection in the workplace, you can work towards creating a more supportive and fulfilling work environment.

Create and Seek Growth Opportunities Where You Are

Many people wait for growth opportunities to come to them and expect their leaders to know what to offer and when to offer it. The reality is that managers are people just like us and they are not omniscient. They may even be just barely keeping their heads above water.

Before you quit your job, have a conversation with your supervisor to articulate what skills you feel are being under-utilized, what skills you would like to develop, and that you are open to work responsibilities and projects that can help achieve those goals for skills development.

For example, “I would like to build my communication skills for future promotion to Supervisor. Are there any responsibilities or projects I could take off your plate to help me build that experience?”

This could open the conversation around setting goals, identifying key skills, and matching projects or responsibilities that will help you grow and make work and life easier for your supervisor. You’re also demonstrating a commitment to stay with the organization for the long haul. The benefit for the organization is they are providing a growth opportunity and getting things done at no extra expense, too!

Sometimes, It Just Is Time to Quit Your Job

It is possible that you honestly have tried all these things and nothing is showing signs of change for the better. You approached your leader asking for growth opportunities, and instead receive a list of reasons why that cannot happen. Your manager may hide behind the excuse, “Work just needs to get done around here.”

The Office Quitting

If you truly feel there is no room for growth where you are, then it may be time to quit your job. Life is too short to live stuck in a rut. There is no guarantee you will like where you go next, but a part of life is enjoying the adventure that comes with change.

In summary, by addressing communication issues, nurturing care and connection, exploring growth opportunities, and considering all options, you can make informed decisions about your career path. My hope is that you create a life worth living in your faith, family, and career, and that this episode and post help you get closer to that dream.


00:00:00 The Importance Of Communication And Addressing Feelings In Meetings

00:03:25 Nurturing A Sense Of Care And Connection In The Workplace

00:06:01 Enhancing Perspectives For Respectful Communication And Growth In The Workplace

00:10:43 Low-budget Growth Opportunities And Reasons For Job Dissatisfaction


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