Cavaliere Franco Lofranco is a family-oriented entrepreneur helping people like you achieve financial success without losing your family in the process.

Achieve Financial Success Without Sacrificing Family – BtR 378

Your pursuit of financial success may be leaving you with a deep ache for meaningful connections and moments with your loved ones.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, constantly sacrificing time with your family for the sake of your work, only to find that success still feels out of reach, then you are not alone! 

Many aspiring corporate leaders and entrepreneurs struggle to find a balance between work and family, resulting in strained relationships and a sense of emptiness despite their professional achievements. 

Cavaliere Franco Lofranco is a family-oriented entrepreneur helping people like you achieve financial success without losing your family in the process.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the key to unlocking financial independence through entrepreneurship and side businesses.
  • Recognize the power of leadership skills in both entrepreneurship and corporate settings.
  • Learn how to successfully harmonize your professional life and personal time.
  • Uncover the advantages of creating residual income and formulating an effective exit strategy.
  • Understand the value of using failure as a springboard to success in entrepreneurial ventures.

My special guest is Franco Lofranco

Franco Lofranco is a visionary entrepreneur with a knack for turning ideas into reality. 

His path has taken him from setting up Canada’s first high-speed Internet companies to becoming a knight in Italy, where he was recognized for his exceptional contributions to business innovation. 

Throughout his journey, Franco has always kept family at the forefront, finding a balance between work and personal relationships. With his rich entrepreneurial experience and strong family values, Franco has become a leading voice for career-driven individuals searching for a healthy work-life balance.

“Just go after it. Make it happen. All the things that we failed in the past, don’t worry about that. Those are great building blocks for what you want to achieve today. Those are your stepping stones to your success, and failure is a way to learn how to make yourself successful… 

“…When you come out the other end, you become the person you always knew you could be, the kind of leader that you always felt the world could have from you.” – Cav. Franco Lofranco

Life is too short to live stuck in a rut. Go for it, learn from your successes and failures.


 00:06:56 – The Journey of Entrepreneurship

 00:08:14 – The Importance of Taking Care of Your Family

00:10:37 – Benefits of Entrepreneurship

00:12:19 – Stand Out with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

00:13:57 – Importance of Being Great with People

00:14:50 – Resourcefulness and Alternative Solutions

00:15:28 – Overcoming Arrogance and Insecurity

00:20:41 – Self-Awareness and How We Occur for Others

00:23:35 – Making a Difference and Learning Leadership

00:24:30 – Questioning the Theory and Practicality of Success

00:25:41 – Balancing Success and Family

00:27:44 – Identifying Profitable and Sustainable Business Opportunities Toward Financial Success

00:32:34 – Building for the Long Term and Avoiding Extinction

00:34:55 – Building an Exit Strategy

00:35:34 – Building for Others

00:36:12 – The Power of Residual Income for Financial Success

 00:37:56 – Embracing Failure

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Cav. Franco Lofranco – The Family-Oriented Entrepreneur

Cavaliere Franco Lofranco has been an entrepreneur since the age of 22. His parents moved from Italy to Canada at a young age and they instilled in him a work ethic and a sense of entrepreneurship. 

Cav Franco Lofranco 2

He started his first company at age 22. At the age of 24, he co-founded a company that became one of Canada’s first high-speed internet companies in the early 90s that grew into one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies.

From there he expanded into sports, real estate, consulting, and eventually into direct sales where he built a global organization. 

Due to his entrepreneurial success, the Italian government and the President of Italy in 2007 bestowed upon him the title of “Sir”, or “Cavaliere” as it is known in Italy, for his entrepreneurial accomplishments.

With his experience in building businesses and organizations as well as in leading transformational seminars, today Cav. Franco Lofranco is inspired to help others build their own business through industries that achieve true residual income for financial success. 


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Life is too Short to Live Stuck in a Rut

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