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You Are Destined for Greatness – Sarah Nuse BtR 242

Destined for Greatness? Yes, You!

Sarah Nuse shares her story of turning a college side hustle called Tippi Toes into an international franchise, appearance on Shark Tank, and reminds you that you are destined for greatness!

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford

We have the power to create, and the power to destroy. I’m talking about our own dreams, our future, our destinies. I’m not talking about circumstances. Those hit everyone.

Your career can be dictated by what you believe about yourself, and what you don’t believe about yourself (ERIC Digest, 1995.) This also holds true for those who lack self-awareness and possess a high view of themselves, but really deliver little value to the workplace, business, or family. The belief you are destined for greatness is the first step. Taking action to make it happen is what Sarah Nuse’s story is all about.

It was time to drive off to college in the car her dad provided throughout high school. There was just one problem. The car was not hers to take to college. It was her dad’s car, and it was going to be passed on to the next child in the family still in high school.

Necessity and a desire for wheels put Sarah into action, and she got a job. Classic story, right? Well, she got fired from that job, then in desperation to make a car payment she started a business. I would say the rest is history, however, she is still writing out her future and making steps forward to grow in the belief she is destined for greatness.

What does greatness look like for you? What beliefs have propelled you forward? What beliefs are holding you back? Comment below.

Download this episode, and listen to it now or save it for the next commute, and ask yourself, “How are you destined for greatness?”

Who is Sarah Nuse?

Sarah Nuse has successfully run a thriving business, Tippi Toes®, for over 20 years. She is a sought-after speaker and author of Destined for Greatness: Living an inspired life from head to Tippi Toes.

Sarah hosts the podcast Destined for Greatness that centers around a common theme of the source of inspiration, the power of support, dreaming big, or entrepreneurial spirit. She speaks straight from the heart in an honest and engaging way that makes her reader and listeners alike feel as though they have been friends for years.

Destined for Greatness - Sarah Nuse

Sarah is committed to helping women successfully balance life by taking action. Through her Destined for Greatness Accountability Program, Sarah opens clients (and friends) up to their dreams and offers them motivation and action steps to build out a successful plan.

Living outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her family, Sarah is the wife of football executive Adam Nuse, and mother to three children, Lucy, Lola, and Hank.

Resources and Links

Go to Sarah’s website to learn more about her book and podcast. You can also check out Tippi Toes Dance at

Get a copy of Destined for Greatness from Amazon.

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