Vincent Pugliese is sharing how life is better with a wealth of connection.

The Wealth of Connection with Vincent Pugliese – BtR 306

Vincent Pugliese’s new book talks about building a Wealth of Connection and shares practical tips to do it right.

Vincent Pugliese shares that there is an opportunity to experience wealth in life through connection with others.

The Wealth of Connection with Others

You did “everything right”- got the degree, the knowledge, experience, business plan, the optimized website- so why don’t more people want what you have to offer? Why don’t more people care about it?

In this refreshing look at business fundamentals, Vincent Pugliese argues that before you set about gaining the knowledge and experience needed to create something people want to buy, you must become the person that people want to know.

Join Vincent on a journey that starts with your character and curiosity and ends with your offer, and discover all the opportunities waiting for you when you turn your attention from being a wealth of knowledge and experience to bringing a wealth of connection.

In This Episode

  • Total Life Freedom and moving to Florida
  • Going to a baseball game and meeting the mafia
  • The concept of generous goals
  • The Wealth of Connection as a lifestyle and mindset
  • Connecting with others should not wait until you need something

Vincent Pugliese

Vincent Pugliese is, first and foremost, a husband to his beautiful wife Elizabeth and the proud father of their three boys, Andrew, Nolan, and Dylan. They live in Bradenton, Florida.

Vincent is the founder and leader of The Total Life Freedom Mastermind Community, an entrepreneurial think tank for business owners, freelancers, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want a community to connect, collaborate and grow together in generous and helpful ways. Vincent is the host of Total Life Freedom, a daily, short-form podcast giving impactful, bite-sized stories and guidance for those looking to build a life of the time, money, and location freedom. In addition to these, Vincent is a keynote speaker on the topic of The Wealth of Connection for business, leadership, and sales.

Prior to becoming an author, speaker, and mastermind leader, Vincent was an international award-winning sports and documentary photographer for more than two decades. Vincent has photographed every major sporting event, including the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NHL Finals, the Kentucky Derby, and even Wrestlemania!

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