Sometimes I Lie

Sometimes I Lie to People

by Brandon Cunningham

Sometimes, I lie to people. What does that mean?

Why would someone confess that type of thing on a blog?

Well to be honest (no pun intended,) part of getting out of a rut is to be honest.

I tell people they have to break themselves out of the ruts they are in but in reality, you really need help from others.  I mean we all know that we need help from mentors, friends, and others but most of the time we don’t utilize those resources.

Maybe the lie we tell people is that we accomplished things on our own.

Take some time today and honestly share your struggle. Thank those who helped you along the line.

Who do you need to send a note or buy lunch?

Let us know what steps you took by just calling into the show and leaving us a message.

#Help #IamNotSelfMade


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