It's the Little Things BtR 041

It’s the Little Things – Follow Up to the Jared Easley Interview BtR 041

A small drip of water, consistently hitting the same spot on a rock over and over, every day will eventually cut a deep channel into that rock. It’s the little things that make a big difference when we do them repeatedly over time.

Brandon and Jerry take a few minutes to reflect on how their relationship with Jared Easley began and reflect on their Episode 39 interview with him.

Jared Easley is the host of Starve the Doubts podcast who works as a consultant by day and is a noticer and podcaster whenever he’s not doing his consulting work.

While having  a great time talking with Jared, there were nuggets that arose from the interview. He takes a more profound and simpler view of what it would take to get yourself out of whatever rut you face. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a lot of extra work.

What are some major changes you made to your own life by simply taking a small pivot in what you do every day?

In what ways are you noticing the work of others and collaborating for mutual success?