Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! A blog post by Brandon Cunningham.

Happy Birthday!

Okay, it may not be your birthday. Let’s assume I missed it. So, let this stand as my card or greeting for this year.

What do birthdays have to do with ruts? Some people have cake and get presents and cards. Other people get only some cards and maybe a call or two. Some people get nothing waking up to find out no one remembers their birthday.

We find ourselves in this rut of celebrating someone’s birthday the same way every year.

What if you made a different path?

What if instead of presents, you had everyone give to a cause, go on a trip, or build something to recognize the day?

If you are trying to come up with a good gift for that special someone, get out of the rut of predictable gifts. Write a hand-written letter or card. Don’t buy one and sign it! I’m talking blank card or paper, and write it YOURSELF.

Build a memory by taking a drive to that special person’s favorite out-of-town restaurant. During the road trip, play music from when you met, or their high school years. People remember experiences, not things.

What kind of gifts can you give someone to make their birthday different this year?

P.S., I didn’t get you anything other than this post.