searching for wisdom is something every man faces in life

Searching for Wisdom in All the Right Places with Seth Brees- BtR 289

U.S. Air Force veteran and founder of Patriot Radio Network, Seth Brees, discusses searching for wisdom to live beyond the rut.

Seth Brees discusses searching for wisdom through conversations and reading.

Searching for Wisdom

War can cause a need to search for meaning in life. That was certainly the case for Seth Brees, U.S. Air Force veteran. Volunteering at centers that served U.S. military veterans in their retirement years exposed Seth to a wealth of knowledge and experiences through their stories. He discovered that we tend to undervalue the stories of retirees, and anyone searching for wisdom needs to consider sitting down with those who have gone before us and listening to what they are willing to share.

Military veterans are not the only source of insights when seeking wisdom. We can learn from just about anyone if we are willing to listen to them.

Books may be another source when searching for wisdom. There may be a leader you want to learn from, but that leader’s schedule is fully booked. Oh, a pun! Love it! Okay, I’m back.

The point here is that finding wisdom is important for our own growth. It’s like tapping into the cheat codes of life, the fast lane in a sense.

Where do you go when you’re searching for wisdom? Who is someone you have access to you consider wise? How do you tap into that person’s wisdom for your own growth?

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Lessons we learned from military life
  • Conversations with retired veterans, and those who serve them
  • How podcasting provides a vehicle in searching for wisdom
  • The second half of life 

Seth Brees

Seth Brees is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He enlisted at the age of 18 years old during the early years of the Global War on Terror. Today, he is a husband, a father, and a podcaster seeking wisdom while sharing his insights along the way. He uses podcasting as a creative outlet to hone what he learns.

You can find Seth’s podcast network, Patriot Radio Network, on Spreaker. There you will experience a variety of shows on his Libertarian perspective, the paranormal, and more.

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