Cobra Kai Johnny Lawrence struggles with limiting beliefs throughout most of the four seasons of the show.

Cobra Kai Lessons for Life Johnny Lawrence Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Jerry Dugan discusses Cobra Kai lessons we can apply to life and career based on the original Netflix series Cobra Kai. Part 1 covers overcoming limiting beliefs from the perspective of Johnny Lawrence.

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Cobra Kai – May Contain Spoilers

The Original Netflix series Cobra Kai takes viewers on a nostalgic ride with nods to the source material, The Karate Kid. Set 34 years after the Daniel Larusso trilogy, we are introduced to a down-and-out Johnny Lawrence haunted by his 1984 loss to Larusso. He relives the famous Crane Kick to the face that dropped him to the mat passing his title to the new kid in town.

My wife and I recently binged on the first four seasons of the show. The cliffhangers were just enough to keep us eating up episode after episode of the cheesy drama, highly-choreographed fight scenes, and that’s when Cobra Kai lessons on life began to appear.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The first season takes us on a journey to peel back the layers that show us a side of bully Johnny Lawrence we have never seen before. He’s stuck in life. What seems like a character who peaked in high school and he’s trying to relive the glory days turns out to be someone conflicted with his internal dialog of not being good enough.

We see that he has failed in finances, family, and outlook on future possibilities. He lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment, drinking Coors Banquet, and watching the iconic off-brand version of Top Gun, Iron Eagle. Okay, may not iconic at all. His son, Robby, is not a part of his life, and we see Johnny reluctantly being pulled into the 17-year old’s life. He has literally remained in the 1980s trying to hold onto the days when life was less complicated.

It’s when he helps a teen who is being bullied that he applies Cobra Kai lessons to teach that kid to fight back in a tough world. A new path is made for Johnny Lawrence and we get to follow along in his journey of redemption as he takes on a second chance in life.

It’s not an easy fight for Johnny Lawrence though. Throughout the series, we see him struggle with feeling like he isn’t the right person to teach the Cobra Kai students. Robby refuses to let him into his life, and Johnny’s feelings of not knowing how to be a father take the reigns.

What we also begin to see in the first four seasons of the show is that Cobra Kai lessons begin to reshape his perspective on life. He sees the need for a balance of offense and defense, that there are times to show mercy, and that striking first is not always about aggression.

Cobra Kai Lessons for Your Life

You may be facing feelings of imposter syndrome, got hit with a failure in life that keeps you from trying again. The Cobra Kai lessons discussed in this episode are not just for Johnny’s life. You can apply these Cobra Kai lessons to your life, your career, and impart them to your family.

What are the limiting beliefs you want to rewrite in your life?

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