Reina Rose discusses nourishing the soul in an empty world.

Reina Rose on Nourishing the Soul in an Empty World – BtR 284

Reina Rose discusses nourishing the soul in an empty world.

Reina Rose discusses nourishing the soul in a biblical context, and it’s not the fire and brimstone message often associated with Christians in the media.

Nourishing the Soul

Does the current environment or events have you feeling lost in an empty world? 

Whether it was politics, social justice, or the pandemic, we may have found ourselves at odds with our friends and family on a level never before experienced. Friendships were lost, family estranged, and for some of us, we were left asking if we were truly representing the love of Jesus Christ. 

Rather than taking on a tone of condemnation, Reina discusses with Jerry and Scott, from The Llaman Lounge, about what it means to demonstrate love and grace in a way that nourishes our soul and introduces others to the love of Jesus Christ.

What stresses you out about the world today? What arguments have your blood boiling? In what ways are your positions rising up those who are downtrodden?

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • The power of conversations in podcasting
  • Managing conflict by getting curious and respecting the humanity of others
  • How did Jesus react or respond to the sin He saw in others?
  • Christians falling into the trap of trying to “out-Christian” each other
  • Addressing guilt and shame
  • Identifying that one thing that needs your focus in a time of being busy
  • You’re meant to work on your strengths and share your talents

Nourishing the soul is about living authentically in the truth of God's word and not political agenda.

Reina Rose – Author, Speaker, Show Host

Reina Rose is the author of Sin Tastes Good which discusses how to nourish our souls in a world that tempts us to seek pleasure above all else. She was raised in Malaysia and lived on 4 continents. 

Growing up in this way helped her to see herself as a citizen of heaven with a residency card for her time on earth. 

Reina is the host of Soul Nutrition, a show on Amazon TV that encourages viewers through stories shared about faith, wisdom gained, and good works performed. She also co-hosts Capitol Talks, which takes a look at U.S. politics through a balanced biblical lens.

Resources and Links

Buy a copy of Reina’s book, Sin Tastes Good: Nourishing Your Soul in an Empty Calorie World, from Amazon.

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Episode Credits

Host, Editing, and Production: Jerry Dugan

Special Guest Host: Scott Greene, The Llama Lounge Podcast

Music: “Oceans Apart” is our theme song composed and performed by Scott Ian Holmes.

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