Overcoming limiting beliefs with Kevin Palmieri from Next Level University.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Reaching Next-Level Success – BtR 353

Have you ever felt like your limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving next-level success? If so, then join Kevin Palmieri and me as we uncover practical strategies to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and create the success that you desire.

Overcoming limiting beliefs with Kevin Palmieri from Next Level University.

“I can’t guarantee that everything is possible for you. But I can guarantee if you don’t believe in it, and you don’t pour into it, it won’t happen. So you at least got to give it a shot.”

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Kevin Palmieri

“Jerry, I didn’t have a mid-life crisis. I was faced with a quarter-life crisis.” Kevin Palmieri found success early or thought he did.

Earning a 6-figure income at 25 years old, dating a model, driving a sports car, and living in a plush apartment, Palmieri thought he had it all. He felt empty inside. 

The girlfriend left him, but he still had his job earning over $100,000 a year traveling the country. Kevin realized that the common denominator in his career, relationships, and chase for status symbols was himself.

That is what sparked a change in Kevin to get out of his rut by aligning his life with who he wanted to be. With the help of a close friend, Kevin was able to identify his core values, adopt an abundance mindset, and redefine success that would include the best version of himself, healthy relationships, and a healthy relationship with money.

In essence, Kevin Palmieri found a way to create a life worth living in his faith, family, and career.

You will learn:

  1. The importance of having an abundant mindset and focusing on building habits and momentum. 
  2. Reflecting on past changes and avoiding a fixed mindset
  3. The importance of being grateful for partners or oneself and not worrying too much about the end goal, but rather focusing on the journey

Create a life worth living in your faith, family, and career.
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Kevin Palmieri – Next-Level University

Kevin Palmieri found himself facing a crisis in his mid-20s, despite all the success he had achieved. But instead of letting it beat him, he decided to use it as a chance to start anew and focus on holistic self-improvement. 

As a result, he now co-leads a hugely successful platform, Next Level University, that impacts hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Through his work, he has helped others to achieve their personal growth goals by encouraging consistency, commitment, mindset shifts, and more. With his heart-driven but no-BS approach to life coaching and mentorship, he looks forward to helping many more people take the next step for themselves.

Kevin is also co-host of a daily podcast with the same name as his company where he and Alan share insights on growth mindset and other tips to live your best life now. 

Chapter Summaries:


Loneliness – Working long hours, on the road, and without any fulfilling relationships.


Finding that the key to happiness was understanding what you bring to the table as a person


How long-time friend, Alan, helped Kevin Palmieri create the life change he wanted to see in himself


What are some of the common limiting beliefs we put on ourselves?


The importance of looking at the past and understanding where we have come from and gone through to move forward.


When limiting beliefs creep back into your life, do this.


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