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Rob Decker Surviving Suicide and Overcoming Drug Addiction – BtR 151

Fitness trainer and motivational speaker, Rob Decker, shares his experiences in surviving suicide and overcoming drug addiction.

We want to first make the disclaimer that this is not an episode about how to overcome drug addiction on your own.

Bad Relationships and Addictions

Rob Decker’s struggle with drug and alcohol abuse did not start during college binges. His life began with darkness. He shares about how he was born as the product of rape. His stepfather was also the result of a sexual assault. The relationship between mother and stepfather was a dysfunctional one at best.

Drugs and alcohol abuse was the norm for this family of four. By his teenage years, Rob was drinking, doing recreational drugs, and selling. It was the only way he knew how to cope with the harsh life he faced.

His image of success was centered on looking good on the outside while his life was a wreck on the inside. One day, he met a young woman at a bank and pursued a relationship with her knowing in his gut that it was a bad idea. That relationship was no different from his other toxic relationships, except that it ended with false charges of rape and attempted murder.

Feeling he had nothing else going for him, Rob ran through a glass door from a 3-story apartment intent on breaking his neck on the fall. Instead of ending his life that night, he found himself surviving suicide and enduring excruciating pain. He was also under arrest and handcuffed to his hospital bed.

Overcoming Drug Addiction

Rob’s story is one of healing and triumph. Today, he is no longer struggling with addiction, married, and father of a young boy.

It was a miraculous journey for Rob Decker, although it was not a journey that happened overnight. He was told he’d never walk again. His mother even told him it would have been better if he had died the night he jumped through that window!

Instead, Rob endured multiple surgeries, sessions of physical therapy, and clung onto his relationship with Jesus Christ to carry him through.

While working as a fitness coach, he is also a motivational speaker using his story to inspire others to have faith in their possibilities.

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