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JERRY’S SHORT: Want Different Results? Play with a New Set of Rules (JS011)

The definition of insanity is said to be “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” If you want different results, maybe it’s time to play the game of life with a new set of rules.

JS011 FREE BtR Chapter

Here’s a free chapter from my upcoming book, Beyond the Rut: Create a Life Worth Living in Your Faith, Family, and Career.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the U.S. military changed the outcome of World War I by playing with a new set of rules.
  • The perceived safety can become our ruts in life and career.
  • You can make a new path and move beyond your ruts.

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Jerry Dugan  00:00

What is going on Raider Nation This is another installment of Jerry’s short. There’s a short episode just past the middle of the week to give you some practical tips and tools to get through the next week. Now, this one, I’ve got a special treat for you. Instead of me talking for about five to seven minutes. While I guess I’m still going to be talking for five to seven minutes. But what I wanted to do in this episode or this installment is share with you a free chapter from my audio book of my upcoming book, beyond the rut, create a life worth living in your faith, family and career. And so that’s for you free to download right now if you’re listening to this as a listener of beyond the rut, so sit back, relax, bust out a notebook and a pen and let’s take some notes. Here we go. Chapter Five, play by a new set of rules. World War One is known for its trench warfare where modern weapons and traditional line formation collided. Running at each other with rifles and bayonets was futile as machine guns and heavy artillery. Rain hell on earth soldiers hunkered down in trenches for safety. If you were lucky, you survived the onslaught from your enemy. There was a perceived sense of safety inside a trench. The trenches provided protection from immediate threats, but turned out to be death traps, artillery could bury men alive and it was only a matter of time before barrages landed in the right place to do so. nearly 25% of soldiers involved in trench warfare fell ill to diseases like influenza, typhoid, and trench foot due to cramped and wet conditions. Mustard Gas could settle in the trenches concentrating the deadliness of chemical weapons. Life is like that in some ways, you create trenches that protect you from the dangers of the world such as failure, movement seems easy and safe from within your trench. In reality, you’re just waiting to be buried alive, succumb to illness or live in fear that either of those will happen. Maybe your trench is more like a groove in life, you found an easy path and decided to stick to that path. But in time that groove became your rut, stay in your rut long enough and it becomes your trench where death is simply waiting. Think about a marital relationship. You find yourself in a groove with your partner where you exchange date nights for watching a movie at home on a Friday night. It was nice, comfortable and easy. We both enjoyed it. That becomes the routine every week. And that is where the right is created. The effort to impress each other and grow closer to each other does not seem needed. Until one day you look at your life partner and she says, I don’t know you anymore. Or I feel like you don’t love me anymore. Where did that come from? You may wonder it happened gradually over time. And then suddenly, if you become stagnant in your marriage, career, parenting or personal development, there is no growth. And if you’re not growing in life, you’re in the process of dying. Look around you. Anything that grows naturally in the world is either in a state of Growth, a state of decay, or a combination of both. Your life path is no different. Life takes work, life takes effort, life is worth it. Resolving to do a new thing. The tide turned in World War One which transformed a bloody stalemate into an Allied victory. It was the result of an infusion of new troops and new perspective. A shift in tactics was introduced by American troops. They saw the insanity of staying trapped in the trenches where death was waiting for them. They saw the greater insanity of running into no man’s land to be cut down by machine gun and rifle fire. While trapped in barbed wire and mud. They strategically looked up and looked around for a better idea. problems that were seen in World War One included soldiers getting slaughtered in no man’s land between the trenches. The enemy can see us running across the field in daytime and facing an enemy trench head on is suicide. The new resolve let’s not do that anymore. Let’s attack them at night in smaller groups so they cannot see us. Sneak attack in a trench from the side with a lot of grenades isn’t fair to the enemy. The United States expeditionary force applied techniques and tactics they picked up from past wars in the United States. They decided not to play the game anymore, that was only serving as a meat grinder for men. This is the way we’ve always done it was not going to cut it any longer. Instead, they selected small groups to sneak across no man’s land in the night. smaller groups sneaking across open ground and using bomb craters for concealment made them nearly impossible to detect. Once they were within range, they would lob grenades into the trenches of their enemies, blowing up everyone inside and gaining a foothold inside The Trench. Inside the enemy trench. The Americans now have the advantage of surprise and overwhelming firepower, fighting the enemy one at a time and taking the machine guns out of the fight instead of putting themselves out in the open to be cut Down by machine guns and rifles, they bypassed the machine guns and rifles, and fun and close where those weapons of destruction could not touch them. They bypassed barriers rather than beat their heads against a lethal wall. With their enemy proceed as an advantage was turned into a fatal weakness. They changed the game with a change in mindset that lead to a change in behavior. Life is hard, there are circumstances out there that can be a barrier or the fuel to the life you want to live, you do not need to play a game where the wind conditions are stacked against you. The beautiful thing about life is that you can create your own path and rules of success. Someone else’s rules for life may work for them, and they can also not be right for you. It’s time to think about looking up and looking forward to creating a new way to play the game of life. That is what we’re going to be talking about in the next chapter. Key takeaways. Your grooves or perceived safety can become your ruts. You can choose to do a new thing, where you find the impact you desire, while also thriving in your faith and family. I hope you enjoyed that free chapter from the audiobook version of my upcoming book, beyond the rut, create a life worth living in your faith, family and career. Now that book officially launches on March 13 2023, you’ll be able to get it as an ebook on Kindle as a paperback print on demand, and also as an audiobook. So you got three different formats to choose from. If you say I’m not a reader, but I listen to podcasts that maybe the audio version is for you. It’s a quick read. It’s only 124 pages. I use size 12 font just for you guys. And it goes by very quickly. My wife has already read the preview copy. She loved it. And she usually thinks I talk too much. Oh man, she listens to the show. I’m in trouble, guys. Okay, so March 13. It’ll be available on amazon.com. Just search for beyond the rut. You’ll see a nice, snazzy cover. And if you’ve been part of the cover selection process, you’ll see which one one. So there you go. If you again, if you like audiobooks, it’ll be available as an audiobook. If you’d like as an ebook, it is already up for sale. You can download it, leave a review, all that good stuff. So I’m glad you join me in this installment of Jerry short. It’s that side version of beyond the rut. And we’ll be back on Monday with another episode of beyond the rut where we’re talking about ruts in productivity and your productivity IQ with Kevin Kisara alright guys, till next time, go live life beyond the rut. Take care