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Matt Manney How to Find Your Calling and Build Momentum – BtR 240

Matt Manney shares how his newest book, Momentum, can help you find your calling in life and ministry.

Find Your Calling

If you’re asking yourself how to find your true calling, this is the episode for you!

Some of us may have found our calling early in life. That is what happened to Matt Manney at thirteen years old after a major change happened in his family. The response of positive male role models in his church inspired him to pursue a life in ministry as a pastor.

There was just one problem. Along the way, he seemed to have lost his way. There was a struggle with why he was doing the work of ministry and began to wonder if he was in the right place for the right reasons.

A series of humbling experiences helped him reshape his why, and his how, and continues his work as a pastor with new passion and focus. Matt’s books and podcast are designed to help you discover how to know your calling in ministry. What does it mean to work in ministry? Does ministry mean working on a church staff only?

About Matt Manney

Matt Manney is a husband, dad to three awesome kids, a pastor, writer, blogger, podcaster, reader, and dreamer. 

His blog and podcast are for those who want to align their purpose, personality, private life, and profession. Whether you’re looking to reach your potential, find your calling, or simply make your difference in your little patch of ground you call home, his platform will help you do just that.

When we feel we are stuck in a rut, there is a gap between who we are today and where we want to be. There may be a misalignment between what we are doing now and that gut feeling you are meant for more. Matt’s message is about how to find your calling, clarify it, and then pursue it. Funny thing is that’s what we are about at Beyond the Rut as well, which is why we have him on the show this episode.

Master that space between your private and public life. Let Matt’s message take what is and make it into what can be so you can live out who you are through what you do as you find your true calling.

Resources and Links

Go to Matt’s website, Download a free copy of “Unmasked Study Guide”.

Buy a copy of Matt’s latest book, Momentum: The Simple Roadmap to Clarify Your Calling on Amazon.

Listen to Matt’s podcast, The Unmasked Life Podcast, at his website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Podcasts, and be inspired and equipped to find your calling.

Download a free copy of Measure It to Make It from us and begin setting your life plan and goals onto paper as you find your calling.

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