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Healthy Marriage 8-Episode Series Recap BtR 239

Brandon and Jerry recap eight episodes of Beyond the Rut that focused on healthy marriage relationships.

Healthy Marriage Series Recapped

Did you know the statement that half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce is not true? Or that couples who actively and regularly attend church together do indeed have a lower rate of divorce than those who do not?

After having an eight-week discussion about what it takes to have a healthy marriage, we take the time to recap the highlights in this episode. What are the lessons that stood out the most to us, especially from our interviews with experts like Bill Hutcheson, Michael Lacy, Dan Hinz, and Meg Glesener.

We can align a lot of what makes a healthy marriage with the Five F’s we cover on Beyond the Rut.

Faith – The couple that prays together stays together. Health marriages grounded in a higher purpose have a higher chance of success in the long-term.

Family – Putting the marriage relationship at a higher priority than the children, for example, grows a deeper level of intimacy. It allows you to not only stay together longer but provide a positive role model for your children to follow. Focusing on each other while raising children builds your marriage with some forward-thinking. Eventually, you will become empty nesters, and you can either go into that season of life as strangers or as deeply connected partners.

Fitness – We didn’t really talk about physical fitness much in this series, but if you consider taking long walks with your spouse you’re technically talking about fitness activities. Get creative on this one and combine activities like cooking healthy meals, walks, hiking, etc. You can do it!

Finances – Most arguments deal with money issues in a marriage. Being on the same page through mutual agreement is a cornerstone for a healthy marriage. You may not have come into a marriage with your finances in order, but that does not mean it is too late.

Future Possibility – Healthy marriage is great for you and your spouse, but consider the impact your marriage will have on others. Couples will see your interactions with each other and learn how to have that for themselves. Your children and grandchildren may learn about relationships from you. Don’t waste the opportunity. Consider the eternal impact if that’s where your faith tradition takes you.

Whether you’re someone who does work in marriage ministry or simply looking for tips to apply to your own marriage, give this episode a listen. After that, take a deeper dive into our content with the episodes listed below from the entire series.

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