BtR 085 Do It Afraid Anyway

Do It Afraid Anyway! Kainee Bram’s Story of Building a Business BtR 085

Kainee Bram was in her mid-forties when she and her husband learned they were going to have a baby!

Starting a new business is hard work, especially when your husband is starting a new career. Starting a new business with a new baby as well is downright motivating it seems.

Kainee found herself afraid of the unknown. She went for it anyway. Today, she owns a multi-site mother’s day out program and a daycare center.

We are talking with Kainee about her journey from court reporter to ministry to Christian-based business.

You’ll love every minute of her storytelling as she shares her challenges, fears, doubts, and triumphs. There’s a lot of shoutouts in this episode, and you’ll appreciate why when you hear what she has to say.

Kainee Bram

Kainee Bram was the former Children’s Ministry Director for Church Unlimited a number of years before venturing into business for herself with mother’s day out programs, a preschool, and daycare in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her mission is to provide parents the opportunity to engage in other activities while their children are cared for in a safe, loving environment designed for that child’s developmental needs.

She partnered with local churches and a mixed martial arts dojo in the Corpus Christi area to launch her first two locations. Later, as she found success, there was an opportunity to purchase and take over a daycare in Corpus Christi. It included a preschool. This episode shares how she navigated the waters of licensing, hiring, and state regulations to create her dream business.

She currently lives, works, and attends church in Corpus Christi, Texas, with her husband Scott.


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