BtR 085 Do It Afraid Anyway

Do It Afraid Anyway! Kainee Bram’s Story of Building a Business BtR 085

Kainee Bram was in her mid-forties when she and her husband learned they were going to have a baby!

Starting a new business is hard work, especially when your husband is starting a new career. Starting a new business with a new baby as well is downright motivating it seems.

Kainee found herself afraid of the unknown. She went for it anyway. Today, she owns a multi-site mother’s day out program and a daycare center.

We are talking with Kainee about her journey from court reporter to ministry to Christian-based business.

You’ll love every minute of her storytelling as she shares her challenges, fears, doubts, and triumphs. There’s a lot of shoutouts in this episode, and you’ll appreciate why when you hear what she has to say.


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