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The Drive Has to Come from Within You – BtR 086

The inner drive is the key to success. We cannot depend on others to pour into us and build up our confidence. We either have an inner drive, or we don’t. We can lose it, or gain it back.

We are all faced with a naysayer to our dreams at some point in our lives.¬†Brandon and Jerry discuss the importance of taking a deeper look into ourselves¬†when faced with someone who tells us we’ve maxed out on our potential, or have no potential at all.

Is your own personal drive present?

If not, is the dream you’re pursuing your own? Does it energize you to think about it?

That’s the question Brandon and Jerry tackle using their sons’ athletic experiences as the backdrop for today’s lesson.

Links and Resources

Shout out to Jared Easley! Here is our 2016 interview with Jared as he shares with us the importance of being the “noticer” of others and their potential. Very different from the coach we talk about in this episode. Episode 39

Facebook: Jerry’s nature hike and ramblings. Pursue your dream anyway.