Brian Ayers is a sexual performance coach helping couples improve their sex life within 30 days or less

Improve Your Sex Life in 30 Days or Less

Brian Ayers, an entrepreneur, and herbalist, unexpectedly discovers a powerful aphrodisiac formula that saves marriages and improves men’s performance in the bedroom, but soon realizes that it is only a supplement to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced mind.

Brian Ayers is a sexual performance coach helping couples improve their sex life within 30 days or less

“Cholesterol is just a sign, such as diabetes would be assigned, hypertension would be assigned. Basically, when it comes to the penis, it’s a life giver. It’s supposed to give life. It’s supposed to give energy. And Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, was like, hey, in order for you to function correctly, you need to have the energy to give life so that it’s a healthy child.”

Brian Ayers is a professional sexual performance coach with over two decades of experience. He helps men experience a much better sex life in their relationships through his company, Give Good Wood, and his program, ESEIS 25.

Brian Ayers and his partner developed a product to help people with sexual performance. Through research, conversations with customers, and writing books, Brian realized that he was helping to save marriages and create healthier lives. He developed the ESEIS 25 formula of energy, sleep, exercise, intermittent fasting, and soul to help people understand their bodies and make better decisions for their health. He encourages people to make small changes every day to improve their overall health and well-being. With his lessons and videos, Brian works to destress people’s lives and help them make the best choices for their future.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Discover how to use an “exponential energy formula” to improve your health and performance.
2. Learn how to find the balance between work and health to maximize your well-being.
3. Find out how to use the practice of intermittent fasting to improve your overall health.

Brian Ayers, Founder of

Brian “Uncle B” Ayers is a men’s sexual performance coach with over 22 years of experience. His research into men’s sexual health lead him to create the
Men’s Sexual Performance Scale and the revolutionary ESEIS 25 sexual health program along with 2 books, How To Be A Better Lover In 30 Days or Less and
Go Hard.

Brian started his coaching journey as the performance coach for GoodWood, the liquid aphrodisiac. After talking with thousands of men he noted the vast majority would have success with GoodWood while others would not. The difference was in what they were doing to supplement the supplement.

In 2019, Brian started sharing his knowledge on YouTube. He now has over 157k subscribers with 10 million minutes of watch time. He connects with people by showing an easy way to build lifelong health without relying on medications. He focuses on helping people build stronger relationships by having superior health for a fulfilling sex life. Brian keeps the show funny, engaging and very serious…like an Uncle is supposed to. He brings that same energy to interviews as well.

Chapter Summaries:

If your body isn’t functioning correctly, whether it be the cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, any number of different illnesses, that’s the reason why they call it call it the canary in the coal mine. cholesterol is just one of many factors that you have to pay attention to.

Beyond the Rut is a podcast that helps pull you out of your rut. This week, we’re joined by professional sexual performance coach Brian Ayers. Ayers helps men experience a much better sex life in their relationships. This episode will have a lot of puns, and I will do my best to stay mature.

Marilyn: How are you doing today? I’m doing fantastic. Working on my second cup of coffee. Yeah, recording. I love recording days.

One of the things we want to do is help men improve their marriage life. The unspoken topic that we’ve never tackled is what goes on in the bedroom. How do we make that better for you guys? And ladies, if you’re listening to this at home, just turn the volume up really loud.

The sexual performance coach has over two decades worth of experience. He started selling a supplement to help men and women have better sex. He says the product has worked for most people, but not for others. Now he’s written two books on how to be a better lover in three days or less.

The ESEIS 25 is an exponential energy formula. It stands for energy, sleep, exercise, intermittent fasting, and soul. With this program that we have, it just allows you to keep score of what’s going on.

I think we get pulled up into the moment. What do I, in five years if I look back on this, would five years from now say about this particular moment? And that goes over into your health. It really comes down to health.

Intermittent fasting is typically a 16-hour window when you don’t eat. To do that, you have to it’s like training a baby, a feeding schedule. Your body heals incredibly quickly. We have all our bodies on a regular basis. It’s an easy process.

Brian Goodwood: ESEIS 25 is geared towards increasing your testosterone and your blood flow. He says it’s important that you focus in on your sleep because if you’re only getting 4 hours of sleep, you are decreasing your immune system. Goodwood will help you pull all those pieces together to give you what you’re looking for.

75% of people are chronically dehydrated. 72% of your muscles are water. The water is going to pump up your muscle, and your muscle will start using stored fat as fuel. Next week, I’m bringing in two different pastors to talk about healthy marriage in a biblical context.


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Jerry Dugan, Brian Ayers

Jerry Dugan  00:00

All right, I’m here with Brian Ayers. How are you doing out of Maryland, Hyattsville, Maryland.

Brian Ayers  00:04

Yes, I’m doing wonderful. I’m doing wonderful. How are you doing today?

Jerry Dugan  00:07

I’m doing fantastic. Working on my second cup of coffee. All right. Recording. I love recording days. So, yeah. Okay. Now we’ve got you on the show we met through interview valet, I believe Karen Schwab sent me a one sheet, I saw the topic. And I was like, we have never covered this topic in the history of the show. And the show has been around for seven years. And you know, one of the things we want to do is help men improve their marriage life. And, you know, the unspoken topic, or the topic that we’ve never tackled is what goes on in the bedroom. How do we make that better for you guys? And ladies, if you’re listening to this at home, I don’t know just unplug the earbuds and just turn the volume up really loud and pretend that you don’t realize how loud this episode is. It’ll help somebody out. Now, you have over two decades worth of experience as a sexual performance coach. And so the first question, I just want to get out of the way, because I know somebody’s listening right now that’s thinking, how do you get to do that for a career in a business? How did you become a sexual performance coach? I guess Yeah. What was that startup like?

Brian Ayers  01:16

So when I was a kid, I was thinking to myself,

Jerry Dugan  01:20

a career day in school,

Brian Ayers  01:24

actually, is an interesting story. So basically, years ago, I was with a young lady, and she was from Liberia. And we went to a family party, a Christmas party, and there was a root in a bottle there was like, Hey, what’s that? And he said, it’s an aphrodisiac. So okay, we were like, okay, poor. And the next morning, we woke up giving each other high fives, and they didn’t like, Hey, this is a wonderful thing. She wasn’t into herbalism, I was into entrepreneurism, she came up with the formula that we’re working with now. And it was like, hey, the internet’s here. Let’s go ahead and hop on. And I per se, it was in Poland. And it just took off from there. All the ups and downs, of course, but as part of the process, we had guys who were, you know, responding is like, I love the product. This is working for the vast majority of men and women who were using the product, it was working well. And then we have folks that didn’t work for. And that was sort of surprising. It’s like, well, if it works for these people, why isn’t it working for you? So we’ll go through and just ask questions like, so what are you doing wasn’t, you know, what’s going on with you? What’s your lifestyle, like doing surveys doing research, and it just came down to understanding, surprise, we’re selling a supplement, in this post to supplement the other things you’re doing. And for the most part, guys didn’t know what else they were supposed to be doing. And so, just over a period of time of writing blogs, doing research, I’ve written two books, how to be a better lover in three days or less, and go hard. These, you know, with all that information, about three, four years ago, hopped on to YouTube, and started just, you know, just giving out the information. So that guys would get it and be able to not only use that product better, but just have a better, healthy, healthier life. And just talking with guys, and just realizing some things, you know, um, you know, my family has a church background. And, you know, I’d never thought that this was going to be something I would do with my life, I was into technology. And here I am, you know, telling guys how to perform better. And so it really came down to it, just having the deeper conversations with guys, and realizing how it affected their marriages, how it affected their relationships. That’s when it went from like, Oh, he’s just a guy that talks about, you know, what you’re not supposed to talk about, to like, this is the guy that’s actually saving marriages. I’ve had some people say they got those pregnancies because of the information that we gave the guys who would not get married until they had that under control. And even on the opposite in, talk to a guy who, you know, I’m talking to him after the marriage ended, but he said before he got married, he knew why it would end. And that was because he couldn’t perform at his best. So it’s, uh, you know, it takes it away from that whole thing. Like, it’s so embarrassing to talk about. You’re like, No, we really have to talk about this if you want to keep your family together. Yeah.

Jerry Dugan  04:31

And what I heard from this is a blend of things came together over two decades ago, when it was a woman to upstarts they’re very powerful night and you literally essentially said, or I guess not literally, but virtually said, We got to bottle this stuff and sell it. And and then from there, it just grew and yeah, I’m gonna have fun with all the puns. In this episode. I just I’m looking at the testimonials on, give And one guy said first use and this thing worked wonders eight times from Friday to Sunday morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And and then it sounds it looks like he just went right back to what he was doing so because it just ends there. Right. And I mean, you’re probably just a few sales away from running for president is what I’m thinking. You got the man vote. That’ll work. That’ll work. Yeah. Now, you mentioned that this is a supplement to all the other things that should be happening. And I know one of your blog posts was about like the influence of high cholesterol on erectile dysfunction. And this is me given away didn’t read the article. I saw the headline this morning. I’m like, Why did I not see that sooner? So I could have actually read the article. So I’ll be reading this after we finished recording. But yeah, I guess in a high level, what is that connection of cholesterol, and erectile dysfunction?


Well, it’s a combination of a lot of things. So, you know, cholesterol is just a sign such as, you know, diabetes would be assigned. Hypertension would be a sign. Basically, when it comes to the penis, it is, you know, it’s the Life Giver is supposed to give life is supposed to give energy. And you know, Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom was like, hey, in order for you to function correctly, you need to have the energy to give life so that you know, it’s a healthy child. And so we unfortunately, live in a world where everything is sort of the opposite of what nature is. And and when it comes to men in our performance. In the in the penis is some of the smallest things in the body, smallest capillaries. So we have one blood platelet going through at a time. And so if your body isn’t functioning correctly, whether it be to cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, any number of different illnesses, you know, that’s the reason why they call it a call it the canary in a coal mine, it’ll let you know, first. So if you’re having problems with erections, it’s like, well, you’re having problems throughout the rest of your body. And so cholesterol is just one of many factors that you have to pay attention to. And the way that you know, sort of frame it, we have a program called easiest 25 e 25, for short, is an exponential energy formula. And it’s basically in the E E S, E, I S stands for energy, sleep, exercise, intermittent fasting and soul. And the 25 is a scoring system we have for each one of those categories. So you have five categories, you can score yourself with this, zero, or five, and each one, and throughout your week or throughout the day, you just set goals for your energy in terms of what you eat, the sun, that you’re getting water, that you’re drinking your sleep, your how much you’re exercising, you know, intermittent fasting, giving your body a break, so you can digest the food properly. And also your soul in terms of just staying stress, free, your spirituality, your psychology, you know, just being able to live correctly. And once again, if you look at our world today, you know, we with electricity, we stay up all night. So our sleep is messed up. There’s only one out in the grocery store that has live food in energy, food and has to produce out everything else is dead, including the meat. And, you know, in terms of exercise, for some people, that exercise is walking from the door of their house, to the car, and then they drive to work, they walk into the office, they walk back out of the office. That’s it. And you know, in terms of intermittent fasting, we’ve heard the commercial say you got to eat, you don’t have to eat all the time. But that’s what we’re told to do. And also from the soul side, you know, we’re stressed out on so many different things, you know, in terms of you have people on their phone yelling at someone who’s not in the room, you got social media, now you yell at someone who doesn’t even know you. It gets, we’re sort of out of control. So it’s a combination of these things. And with this program that we have, it just allows you to keep score of what’s going on. So it’s you against you, you can you know, get better every day.

Jerry Dugan  09:14

I love that. And you’re just reminding us again that you’ve got this one product that supplements the whole picture here. And that is the whole picture that you’re getting the right foods in your you’re getting sleep. You’re energizing yourself through exercise, stress levels, and I love that you pointed out you know, we get on social media and we get into these arguments with people we don’t even know over the things that they will never change their mind about because of a conversation with us. But we’re gonna let that own our day and I’ve been guilty of that too. Where like, before I go to church, it’s like I pull up Twitter. I’m like, I can’t believe this idiot said this. And so I’m gonna like one year and going where it’s like, absolutely no political debates whatsoever on social Media and I still see the topics and I’m like, Oh, that makes my blood boil. It’s like, I don’t even know the guy. I don’t even care about the candidate. And there’s nothing I can do to change the outcome of that election, I can only change my local and my federal, take a deep breath, close Twitter for a few hours, go church, go to church, go to church, Jerry. Yeah, that I just wanted to point that out. Because I know a lot of friends that they don’t stop when they see that whether they’re liberal or conservative, they see something on social media, and they just feel compelled to say a thing. And then they get their own blood boiling, or they kind of, you know,

Brian Ayers  10:39

yeah, you’re gonna have that hypertension, your, your blood pressure’s going up for, you know, for no particular reason. And the issue with that, you know, when it comes to our bodies, we operate off of the parasympathetic or the sympathetic mode in a sympathetic mode is basically flight or fight or flight. And so that is designed so that if we come across that line, that bear whatever, whatever danger it is, we can react and so your body basically moves to blood into your muscles, and to your brain. So you can react very quickly. The problem is, if you stay in that situation, the entire time, your body is going to start breaking down, it’s not designed to just stay under stress. So you know, your cortisol levels will go up, your stress hormone will go up. And you know, you’re not getting the other side of it, too. And that’s where I, my side of it comes into parasympathetic sympathetic side, that’s the, the feed in make love sad. So your body will start digesting, digest and rest, but digesting your food and resting and you know, when you’re in the parasympathetic mode, that’s when you’re able to, as a man function correctly. So you know, if you look at in terms of you think of a person who’s happened to fight most men, unless they want some weird drug, or not going to have a fight, not going to be fighting and have an erection. Though, it’s the opposite. We’re not supposed to be under stress. So if you’re stressed all the time, you know, when you’re younger, we love stress is to testosterone is just that testing time, you get older, now, that’s just stress is your testosterone has gone down, and you’re not going to function correctly. And in fact, you’ve actually going to make yourself sicker. So really pay attention to your stress levels.

Jerry Dugan  12:28

Yeah, that’s why I’m always a big proponent over like, there’s this big wave going into that there’s no such thing as a work life balance. And I agree, and I don’t at the same time, like who you are, you do take to work with you and who you are at work, you’re also bringing home with you. There comes a time in the day where it’s like, you got to prioritize the life part and, and just shutting it off knowing that that report is not going to save anybody’s lives. And it can wait till tomorrow. You know, I can negotiate the deadline to be later in the week, you know, hey, we are missing some resources, can we get some extra time and not really worry about something that could wait till tomorrow, and

Brian Ayers  13:11

we get we get, we get pulled up into the moment, one of the greatest lessons I learned was from University of Maryland history’s history teacher who said, you need to know your place in time. And that’s really stuck with me in terms of just understanding like, you know, people have gone in taken a momentary situation. And just like, you know, they’ve, sometimes they’ve lost it laughs sometimes they got irrevocably changed their lives, because they was like, Oh, well, there’s this fight, I just need to get into right now you didn’t need to get into that fight. If you think about it, you know, there’s some road rage. And now you’re, you know, something has gone wrong with you in terms of the future of your life just for that moment. So, you know, there’s something to consider whenever you’re dealing with a stressful situation, like, how can I de stress this situation would in five years, if I look back on this with myself five years from now, and say about this particular moment, and so when you once you understand that, then you’re able to, you know, deal with that level of stress and also recognize what’s more important. So it’s like, like I said, is it more important for this report? Or that one play that my daughter’s in that I’m never going to be able to see again, at this age? Which one in five years, am I going to look back and say, I don’t remember what that report was about to begin with, but I remember that moment. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Jerry Dugan  14:34

Oh, even on our deathbeds military guys, so you know, begin with the end in mind and then work backwards. And on my deathbed, I already know the last thing that’s going to thing that’s not going to come out of my mouth is oh, man, geez, I wish I booked one more meeting. I wish I replied to all my emails before 6pm Or went into the office. Having answered all the emails the night before. I’m not gonna wish any of those things things, if anything, I might regret staying up till 9pm or 10pm answering emails I might regret missing. And this had happened when I was younger missing a child’s birthday party, because I had to go on a work trip or because I had to go and do something for work. Those things, not only do I remember it, my family remembers, except my daughter, she’s very forgiving on that. But everybody else remembers that time that Jerry missed Emma’s birthday. And I’m like, Man, I’m sorry.

Brian Ayers  15:26

Yeah. And I think this, and that goes over into your, your health. So a lot of times people don’t think about the health in that work life balance. So you, you end up, you know, it becomes the question of, at the end of the day, you know, when it’s time for you to retire, it’s a company, you know, it’s a group of people interacting, you know, they change out, do they actually care about you, because you’re just there to help someone else, you know, we all work in coordination to help get some money and we can provide for our lives, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to the health. So it does get to a point, you know, whether you’re talking about work, or just what you need to do, period, think about, you know, it’s like, okay, I’m supposed to go to the gym, but here’s it showed us on T V, that I really want to watch this, you know, in the future, your body’s gonna be like, Yeah, you should have been in the gym. You know, you should, you know, getting your sleep, etc, etc. So it becomes a mindset, a mindset shift. And for me, it took me it takes it takes a while I part of the one of the principles we talked about in the e 25. Formula is the 1%, you want to improve 1% a day. So you set a goal for your day for whatever category you’re in, and you improve over time. You know, a lot of people like to do the January 1 thing is I’m going to change my tire life overnight. And it’s like, that never happens. It didn’t happen for the past 15 New Years. Why is it going to happen now. But if you, you know, you start being consistent, and one of the things we also talk about is you need to track it. So if you’re tracking what you’re doing day to day, you can start going back and seeing, you know, it’s like, oh, okay, I actually feel better. Let’s why don’t I do this? Often? It’s like, I feel great. Why? Why do I feel great? Because I want to remember what I did, so I can keep doing it. And of course, the opposite is true. Like, why do I feel miserable? If you’re able to go back and look at these five categories, you can say, oh, okay, I understand what happened. And I recorded it. So now, I know how to do better.

Jerry Dugan  17:36

Yeah, you get what you inspect. And it’s why my goal setting tool tool is called measure it to make it has nothing to do with Goodwood. It’s about goals in life in general, guys. I guess technically, you could leverage it for that. That wasn’t my intent.

Brian Ayers  17:53

You said you were using all the puns. That was a good one.

Jerry Dugan  17:56

I stumbled on that one. I did not expect to do that one. So easy. Oh, yeah, I like it. I love it. I mean, I’m looking at the ES E is 25 package that you’ve got on here. It’s a training system. And then you’ve got one big package. And so tell us about the one big package. So if somebody’s like, Dude, stop talking, just get me signed up. Yeah, they went to give good What are they getting? When they get the one big package?

Brian Ayers  18:27

Well, basically, you’re getting a seven course video, seven lessons in, in video, it’s about a good, you know, you can take a nice afternoon and just sit there and watch the entire thing, or you can break it up into seven sections. But basically, we go over everything that you need to know. And I’m gonna say everything because it’s constantly we’re constantly updating, you’re constantly learning. That’s the reason why I have YouTube. So we do YouTube Live, so people can ask me questions and things like that. But the basics are there. And as I mentioned before, we’re so far away from what we need to be doing. So in terms of, let’s say, for example, what we eat. You know, we live in a world where it’s like, it’s not uncommon at all to have meat at every meal. And when I say meat, I mean anything that used to be lived is no longer alive. So you know, includes a fish, etc, etc. This has never happened before in the history of the world. That was impossible. You couldn’t go back a good 100 years because it’s like, what if you’re going to eat have meat for breakfast? Where’s that meat coming from? You know, it must be from last night because you don’t have a refrigerator. So it’s not going to be able to stay low, stay too low. Unless you salted. I mean, there’s some different techniques. But you know, it wasn’t, we were not designed to consume that much. So I’m not a person that’s you know, telling people what to eat. I’m just saying if you have a problem in this area, this is what you should do. This is something you need to pay attention to. If you smoke and you have lung cancer, it’s probably a good idea to stop smoking. If you Have erection issues and you eat copious amounts of meat is probably a good idea to cut back. So using that 1% rule using that tracking system, you’re able to set a goal of like, okay, I’m not going to eat meat this day. So let me take 111, I’m saying, I’m not going to eat meat during one meal, and you just start from this, like, it’s one meal, and then it’s the next meal, then it’s next meal. And I used to eat 200 animals a month, probably more than that. And you know, you just go to full breakfast, it’s a bacon and egg sandwiches to animals, then for lunches, chicken, and then for dinners, for wings, and shrimp fried rice, I’m not sure how many shrimp are in there. So we’re talking about over 10 animals right there. And if you’re doing that day, after day after day, you can get up to 300 easily in a month minus 10. Over 30 days. So you know, now I’m down to like four, but that was a process. Also, when it comes to intermittent fasting, you know, I used to get up first thing in the morning, 7am, I’m getting my breakfast. And so intermittent fasting for those that don’t know, just it’s typically a 16 hour window, when you don’t eat in an eight hour window when you do eat. Basically, I just skipped breakfast. So you know, the last meal that I have is, you know, maybe like six, seven o’clock, something like that I won’t eat again until 12 or one o’clock the next day 12 or 1pm, the next day, the in to do that you have to you know, it’s like training a baby, you know, a feeding schedule. So you don’t just go from like, Well, okay, I’m gonna go from 7am, I’m not going to eat till you know, one o’clock in afternoon that, that’s just setting yourself up for problems. But if you go from Okay, I’m gonna start eating at eight o’clock, my breakfast snack will be at nine o’clock breakfast snack will be at 10 o’clock, you do that over a period of time, that’s that 1% per day, you get better to the point where it’s like, you don’t think about it. I don’t do intermittent fasting everyday like I used to, but when I do do it is I don’t think about it is that easy process. So. So those are the type of things that you learn. Because really, when people will, you know, ask like, how quickly will this work is your body, your body heals incredibly quickly, we have cancer cells all over our bodies, our body kicks it out on a regular basis, you know, we do incredibly bad things to our bodies, and we’re still alive. So you know, there was that one night where there was all this alcohol, and you made it. So how you made it. That’s your the incredible turnaround your body can produce. You just need to have the right information. Recognize that is not a question of your body, it’s a question of your mind. Your mind is saying, no, no, no, I know what just talked about the meeting someone sitting in, I had this chicken I’m looking at right now.

Jerry Dugan  22:46

Well, I was thinking about a cheeseburger until just now.

Brian Ayers  22:52

But you know, it’s it’s not a question about whether or not you should eat a cheeseburger, it’s like your body doesn’t need that it doesn’t need certain things. We’re also just naturally missing things you actually, for those guys who deal with cars, if you take the car battery out, you put it on the ground, it’ll drain the battery out over a period of time because the Earth itself gives and takes energy. And so we as humans should be sleeping on the ground. And there’s an energy exchange that happens that allows our blood flow more freely. So you just learn things like that, and you can start incorporating them into your day, I just did a video that’s going to be released, we do a release on YouTube every Thursdays, but we’re talking about the sun, and how during the wintertime, your testosterone levels go down, because you have less exposure to the sun depends on where you live, of course, you you’re seeing less of, you know, things that will turn you on. Because everyone’s covered up all of those different things play a role in terms of how you deal with how, how your body responds to what you do. So we just give you all that information. We also have a whole kit that just you know, breaks it all down so that you know you can look at the video, we took all the notes for you. You just go through and like oh, okay, this is what he said, I can remember that. And I can execute.

Jerry Dugan  24:15

Yeah. So you can go out and do all the research yourself. Or you can get this package where it’s all been pulled together and curated for you. With the supplement with the information with the tracking tool. And, you know, just, you know,

Brian Ayers  24:29

everybody’s favorite food. Yeah, we talked about foods, which was foods you should eat and, and is the is amazing to, you know, think about the difference between what we’ve been taught to believe and what’s really real, I guess you would say, you know, where, you know, you get sick and they say take this pill. It’s like well, actually the pill typically is coming from unless it’s a completely new manmade, you know, ingredient, which is typically you know, that’s dangerous because how many humans have tested this out, as compared to an apple, you know, so Apple is going to help out in several different ways. Watermelon, nature’s Viagra. You know, that’s what has l citrulline. l arginine. For the guys who go to the gym all the time, it seems probably single supplements. And it’s like, well, yeah, it has that. And it has the water that your body needs, it has a ton of things that your body needs. So typically, when you’re taking a pill is just doing one thing. And it irregardless of everything else that it may affect. And let me just say this really quickly, because unfortunately, I have a friend who he was taking some medication. And we talked about the sexual performance scale is a scale of one to 1010 means everything works, when means you need to go to the hospital, five to seven things that you’re just unreliable in the bedroom, he took the medication, he’s at zero. And he’s been he’s made a bunch of changes in his life. And he still hasn’t reached he hasn’t come back yet. going on two years now. So it’s very important to pay attention to you know, the medications that you take. It’s your life, you take it seriously.

Jerry Dugan  26:01

Yeah, very holistic approach to this, and then you’ve got the supplement to help out. Give that extra edge in a sense. Now I’m thinking about my friend, Sean, and he’s probably surprised that our whole conversation hasn’t involved you as a coach, like in the room with them giving pointers and tips. Shawn, I’m sorry to disappoint you, man. This is more teaching, educating. And a lot of the instruction in the coaching seems to be around things like what are you pulling into your body in terms of food, stress, entertainment, all those things. I mean, it’s very surprising and refreshing. And, you know, people do think I just take this magic pill and it’s cured. It’s like, No, you got a whole life to look at. And Brian here as that coach will help you pull all those pieces together to give you what you’re looking for guys. So there we go is

Brian Ayers  26:58

just just one thing. One other thing I do want to make sure because it’s really important is the sleep aspect of things. So basically, what I say as you know, we in easiest 25 We talk about all the things we’re talking about geared towards, you know, increasing your testosterone and your blood flow. You know, sort of like, there’s a difference between training a marathon runner and a bodybuilder. So this is specific to training for increasing your testosterone. And what do you do during the day in terms of like, okay, avoided, avoided eating this crap, ate some great stuff. I got my exercise, and I gave my body a chance to digest his food and stays stress free. Now, I’m going to get my three hours of sleep and start all over again tomorrow. That’s like, you just wasted everything actually puts you on the shop.

Jerry Dugan  27:47

It’s talking to me now. So for the exercise part, okay, it’s all the above. Okay, so okay.

Brian Ayers  27:55

I gotta start somewhere. But yeah, it’s I mean, it’s important that you focus on your sleep, because if you’re only getting four hours of sleep, you are actually decreasing your immune immune system functioning correctly. And also from in terms of your cancer risk that goes up your cancer cells multiply, if you don’t get the right amount of sleep. And, you know, there’s certain things you can do, because I have had problems sleeping, but it wasn’t until I really locked in. I came up with easy, it’s 25. And it was like, I came up with it, then I had to start doing it. It was like, the one thing I was looking back at my calendar, I was like, oh, man, I was doing all this great stuff on my sleep was horrible. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re gonna run it, you’re gonna keep running into problems, especially because your testosterone builds while you sleep. Human Growth Hormone builds while you sleep your, your muscle repairs while you’re sleeping. So you know, if you’re going to the gym a lot, and you’re trying to, you know, get that that nice build and it’s not happening, it’s because you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re also less intelligent, with less sleep. I mean, just think about the baby, you know, often say that we’re grown babies, it’s just no one can sit there and tell us what to do. So as you know, a baby will wake up cranky because it only got three, four hours of sleep. And it’s like as an adult, you will wake up cranky, or just extra tired, or you’re not thinking clearly or a large number of things because you’re dealing with a larger number of issues. So it’s very important to get that sleep. And so if you’re it’s the reason why it’s number two on that list. The first thing is energy and the second thing is the opposite of energy, obviously,

Jerry Dugan  29:37

wow, that’s powerful. Now, I know folks can go to your website, give good And then you’re on YouTube. Just search good wood and your channel pops up. Any final words of wisdom that you want to share with everybody before we go?

Brian Ayers  29:53

Sure, drink water. 75% of people are chronically dehydrated waited, I didn’t realize that I was chronically dehydrated. And when you’re chronically dehydrated, it causes a plethora of issues because water deals with everything from your skin, to your hair to your toenails to the digestion of food to the absorption of nutrients into your system. So if you’re taking good wood and you’re not, then you’re dehydrated, you’re not going to get all the nutrients into your system, you’re not going to get the best out of it. Also, it’s important in terms of getting good sleep, in terms of your exercise in terms of your recuperation. Water is Oh, and other thing for the guys out there. 72% of your muscles are water. So you drink more water, you work out you drink water, your water is going to pump up that your muscle and your muscle and Turner will start using stored fat as fuel. Great thing. Also down there is a soft muscle. So you drink more water, and you can increase the size of the muscle down there. So wonderful reasons to drink water.

Jerry Dugan  31:07

I just imagined men running out right now to get a gallon sized jug of water. Right. Awesome, Brian, I’m glad that I had you on this show. And I’m surprised I kept it relatively mature for myself. And thank you for bringing your professional level of expertise on this.

Brian Ayers  31:28

Alright, it’s been a pleasure. I love having I love having this conversation. I’ve had the conversation on the mature side and on the immature side. It’s enjoyable either way.

Jerry Dugan  31:38

Awesome. I hope I brought balance