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Haris Reis on Getting an Internship with Gary Vaynerchuk BtR 183

Entrepreneur, speaker, and author, Haris Reis shares his story about getting an internship with marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk.

How to Land an Internship with Gary Vaynerchuk?

Getting an internship may seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? How do you get noticed, especially by someone as big as Gary Vaynerchuk? Yes, we’re talking about that guy, Gary Vee.

Haris tells the story of how he took responsibility for his own success. Rather than settle for being a small fish in a big sea, he set out to make himself the big whale in a small puddle. 

We’ll tell you it involved a t-shirt and a whole lot of effort.

Getting an Internship Story is More About Getting Noticed

This is not a “how to ask for an internship in person” kind of message. This is not a “how to find an internship for college students” kind of message either.

We are sharing a story about tenacity, perseverance, and getting out of the rut of a comfort zone intentionally.

The truth is that you create your own opportunity. You need to be responsible for how your life turns out. Your career, your marriage, and the raising of your children are in your hands.

We hope this story from Haris inspires you and gets you fired up to get out of the rut you may be facing right now.

Haris Reis Bio

While the title suggests our focus was all about Haris getting an internship with Gary Vee, here are some of his accomplishments since that experience.

Since his internship at Vaynermedia as a growth hacker, Haris has become a two-time national award-winning entrepreneur, two-time national best-selling author, keynote speaker, and digital marketer. 

He co-founded Changing Lanes International, helping authors and speakers build their brands online, and built Syncsumo. Haris now runs a consultancy for high-income earners.

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