Chris Grainger is helping Christian men unlock the lion within themselves to find their purpose and create a life worth living.

Unlocking the Lion Within, A Christian Men’s Guide to Finding Purpose – BtR 369

We dive into the world of Christian men with Chris Grainger, founder of The Lion Within Us, and discuss how you can unlock your inner lion to find your true identity and purpose.

Chris Grainger is helping Christian men unlock the lion within themselves to find their purpose and create a life worth living.

A Healthy Community for Christian Men

In this episode of “Beyond the Rut with Jerry Dugan,” the focus is on Christian men and how they can unlock their inner lion to find their true identity and purpose. Chris Grainger shares his journey of discovering his identity and how he founded “The Lion Within,” a community of Christian men who strive to be Godly stewards of everything God has given them.

Grainger emphasizes the importance of obedience to the Holy Spirit and taking responsibility for one’s faith journey. He also discusses the Beyond the Rut “Five Fs” of a life well-lived: faith, family, fitness, finances, and fun. By focusing on these areas, Christian men can become better stewards of their lives and find joy in doing God’s work.

The episode also touches on evangelism and how it can be discouraging when people don’t respond to the Gospel. Jerry shares a personal story of how a fellow soldier’s words helped him find his way to God. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and advice for Christian men who are looking to find their purpose and live fulfilling lives.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • The positive power of community and mentorship among Christian men
  • What it means to “be obedient to the Holy Spirit”
  • How applying the Five F’s framework to your life gives you a chance to evaluate how well you’re living within our outside of work-life harmony and purpose
  • See how small acts of kindness can have a big impact on others

Listen to this episode if you are looking for motivation, inspiration, and practical tools to help you break free from your limitations and find a path to success. Chris Granger shares his insights on healthy Christian masculinity and how to discover the heart behind the lion within us. 

Overall, this episode offers valuable advice and encouragement for anyone who wants to live a life worth living.

The Lion Within Us launched a 30-day program to help you discover God’s purpose in your life.


00:03:28 From #GirlDad to Raising a Son: A Father’s Journey and the Birth of The Lion Within Us Podcast

00:06:34 Ask Me Anything: The Monthly Event That’s Taking The Line Within Us Community By Storm

00:09:22 Breaking the Taboo: How an Online Community is Redefining What it Means to be a Godly Man

00:14:19 Why These Men Are Rescheduling Their Schedules for a Zoom Meeting – The Power of Iron Sharpening Iron

00:21:11 From Confusion to Clarity: A Life-Changing Conversation on the Gospel

00:24:40 How One Question from a Stranger Led to a Life-Changing Moment

00:28:34 Finding God’s Voice: Why Spending Time in Nature and Community is Key

Chris Grainger, Founder of The Lion Within Us

Chris Grainger works professionally as a manager with an engineering and services background in Raleigh, North Carolina. His journey of creating The Lion Within Us has been fueled by his desire to help others and glorify God with his life. 

Chris Grainger is the founder of The Lion Within Us, which hosts men's meetings, provides mentorship, and creates a community of Christian men to have a positive impact on each other.

He shares feeling blessed to be in several leadership positions in a professional and spiritual capacity. First and foremost, Chris is a devoted husband to a loving wife, “a true Proverbs 31 Woman” and the strongest person he knows. Together, they lead a family of three beautiful girls and one amazing son. He also currently serves as a deacon at his church and is a Certified Financial Coach. 


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