What is the Magic Ratio all about?

Brandon and guest host, Jerry, talk about the magic ratio of positive to negative interactions that results in happy, healthy relationships. The Magic Ratio is based on work from Dr. John Gottman, an expert on communication in marriage.

While this discussion is grounded in the context of happy, healthy relationships in marriage, the lessons and tips discussed here can be applied in business relationships, friendships, teams, with our customers, and other organizations and situations where interactions with people are involved. In fact, it was in a business leadership training where Jerry first learned about the Magic Ratio.

Do you want a marriage that lasts a lifetime? Do you want employees who love working for you no matter what? Do you want customers who will not only come back again and again but also work for you as a free, never-ending, marketing campaign? This is the episode you don’t want to miss.

Links and Resources

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A Fine Balance: The Magic Relationship to a Healthy Marriage by Dr. Shruti Poulsen

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BtR 015 – The Magic Ratio for Happy Healthy Relationships

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