BtR 014 Tips for Guilt-Free Parenting

BtR 014 – Tips on Guilt-Free Parenting While Pursuing Your Dreams

What is Guilt-Free Parenting?

Pursuing a dream while also raising a family will sometimes seem to be in conflict. Guilt builds up as our work chips away at the attention we give to our families. Brandon and Shawn discuss four tips on how to have your cake and eat it, too. Guilt-free parenting is about being the best spouse and parent you can be while also pursuing that dream meant to make life better for the ones you love.

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Four Tips

  1. Be present when you are present
  2. Involve the kids with your dream when possible
  3. Only make promises you can actually keep
  4. For the ultimate tip in guilt-free parenting, consider the age of your children before you launch your dream. They are only young once. Will you miss out on those precious years?

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