Getting People on Board with Your Dream

BtR 013 – Getting People on Board with Your Dream

In this episode, Brandon and Shawn discuss when and how to share your dream with others. Sometimes, we come out of the gate too soon and are met with resistance from those we expected to support us.

Other times we hurt our long-term credibility or build a reputation of having a new crazy dream every six months. There comes a time when we do need to tell others about our dreams, our projects because we will need their support to get the word out, generate hype, and even buy from us. That’s what this episode is all about, getting people on board with your dream.

When was a time you found the right support at the right time? When was a time you had a hard time getting people on board with your dream? Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Getting people on board with your dream is not always about quantity, but quality. You want to get the right people on at the right time to do the right thing as you grow your project, business, or organization. Start with a few trusted advisers, then go from there.

Oh, there’s a random reference to Viagra in this episode, too. Just go with it. – Jerry

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