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BtR 016 – Go Pick a Fight, Why and How to Use Opposing Perspectives

Why Opposing Perspectives?

We’re not telling you to go pick a fight at a bar. In fact, we’re not telling you to do anything violent at all. Please, do not go out and physically fight someone and blame it on this podcast episode. We’re talking about the value of tapping into perspectives that are different, even opposite, of your own point of view.

Yes, we have said and will continue to say, that you should not tell a lot of people when you are first setting out on a dream or goal. Too much opposition early on can squash your confidence and courage to even get started. There is a time however when you’re on your path that differing and opposing perspectives will help you along.

Five Reasons Why You Should Seek Out Opposing Perspectives

  1. It forces you to expand your base of knowledge – look up facts, do more research, learn more about the opposing side.
  2. You will actively engage the “why” underlying your own beliefs.
  3. Anyone can lash out emotionally.  Respect and credibility come to those who learn to express themselves intelligently and calmly.
  4. Points out your own bad ideas so you can make the best possible decisions.
  5. Let’s you know if you are engaging a big enough circle of people with a big enough topic or purpose.

We place ourselves in a rut when we see the world from only one perspective.

Diversity is a Good Thing

We should challenge what is sacred in our beliefs for the very reasons stated above. Those who coach and mentor us should be trustworthy and able to bring a different perspective to our lives. The question is whether or not you will have the courage to invite, digest, and use opposing perspectives to help you make your own path. It takes courage to bring an opposing perspective. It takes even more courage to respectfully listen to it and admit it in those moments when we have to change something within ourselves. No matter what, it is worth having differing points of view.

Links and Resources

The Cautionary Tale of the Dixie Chicks Controversy – There’s a difference between seeking opposing perspectives and being controversial.

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Book – The Noticer by Andy Andrews (Buy it on Amazon)

Book – My First Study Bible: Exploring God’s Word on My Own (Listen to the episode to see why Brandon recommended this title.)