Brandon bids farewell to Beyond the Rut

Brandon Bids Farewell and What’s Next for Beyond the Rut – BtR 260

Brandon and Jerry share the origin story of Beyond the Rut, memorable moments from almost six years of podcasting together, and what’s next for Brandon.

In This Episode

  • The collaborative nature of the podcasting community
  • The state of podcasting today versus six years ago
  • The origin story of Beyond the Rut
  • Memorable moments in Beyond the Rut history
  • Brandon bids farewell
  •  What’s next for Brandon and Beyond the Rut as Brandon bids farewell

Some Memorable Episodes Mentioned

As Brandon bids farewell to us, we wanted to share some of his most memorable episodes discussed in this episode.

A Simple Life is a Bigger Life – an Interview with Sara McDaniel BtR 025

Creating Career Magic with Lee Cockerell – BtR 072

Discarding the Myth of the Starving Artist with Jeff Goins – BtR 091

Special Thanks (Mentioned in the Episode)

Here are some people to who we were able to give special thanks in the episode. These are just the ones who were on top of our minds at the time we did this interview. There have been so many others who have played a role in encouraging us, supporting us, and letting us pay it forward.

  • Sara McDaniel
  • Jody Maberry
  • Lee Cockerell
  • The Llama Lounge Hosts: Joe Bogdan and Scott Greene
  • Revolve One Podcast Hosts: Rudy Garcia and Crystal Garcia
  • Our wives: Renee Cunningham and Olivia Dugan

Special Thanks (Not Mentioned in this Episode)

  • Eric Nevins
  • Meg Glesener
  • Jared Easley
  • Sha Sparks
  • Sherry Jones
  • Podcast Movement Community
  • Christian Podcasters Association

This list can go on forever, and at this time it’s limited only to those who helped Jerry in the transition from a two-person show into a one-person venture as Brandon bids farewell.

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Episode Credits

Host, Editing, and Production: Jerry Dugan

Music: “Oceans Apart” is our theme song composed and performed by Scott Ian Holmes.