Yuri Doroshuk is a weight loss coach helping busy dads lose the dad bod for a healthier future.

The Dad Bod Epidemic: Lasting Weight Loss for Busy Dads – BtR 403

Yuri Doroshuk is a weight loss coach helping busy parents lose weight for good. So, if you’re a busy dad who wants to lose the dad bod, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Fighting the Dad Bod Epidemic

Are you a busy dad feeling like you’ve tried everything to lose the dad bod but nothing seems to work? Maybe you’ve been told to just eat less and exercise more, only to find yourself feeling deprived and frustrated with the lack of results. 

The pain of constantly feeling like you’re failing at your weight loss journey can be disheartening and exhausting. But there’s hope – by embracing mindset shifts and taking ownership of your fitness journey, you can finally achieve sustainable weight loss success.

Five Fitness Tips for Busy Dads from bodybuilding.com.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Embrace mindset shifts to unlock sustainable weight loss success.
  • Level up your fitness journey by gamifying your goals.
  • Build winning streaks to fuel your weight loss momentum.
  • Take ownership of your fitness journey and see lasting results.
  • Discover the time required for a lifestyle change that leads to sustainable weight loss.

My special guest is Yuri Doroshuk

Yuri Doroshuk, the fitness coach and founder of Healthchangeracademy.com, is an experienced professional in the realm of sustainable weight loss. His expertise stems from personal triumph over weight struggles, particularly the challenges associated with family life. 

With a focus on realistic, sustainable, and enjoyable weight loss methods, Yuri advocates for a mindset shift that equips individuals with the tools to break free from temporary solutions and embrace lasting, healthier habits. 

Through his own transformation and commitment to empowering others, Yuri has established himself as a credible resource for individuals seeking genuine, long-term weight loss success.

Trainerize shares “Efficient Cardio for Busy Dads”.


00:07:59 – Impact of Health and Fitness

00:10:10 – Mindset Shifts for Weight Loss

00:13:06 – Unsustainability of Extreme Diets

00:15:06 – Process-Driven Goals vs. Outcome-Driven Goals

00:16:12 – Momentum Killers and the Role of Accountability

00:23:14 – Mindset Shifts for Weight Loss Success

00:27:23 – Overcoming Setbacks and Making Every Meal Count

00:29:17 – Gamifying Fitness Goals

00:32:50 – Building Lasting Lifestyle Changes

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Embracing Mindset Shifts

Embracing mindset shifts fundamentally transforms the approach to weight loss. Instead of focusing purely on weight, the objective evolves to creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Yuri Doroshuk advocates this principle, believing that changing our mindset can bring about lasting results and improve overall wellness.

Gamifying Fitness Goals

Yuri Doroshuk emphasizes the essence of gamifying fitness goals to catalyze progress in weight loss. By setting achievable daily goals, individuals can take control of their journey and gain momentum towards their broader objectives. This game-like technique fosters motivation and determination, essential attributes for successful, long-term weight loss.

(Check out this Men’s Health article, “Chris Hemsworth Shares His Best Fitness Advice For Busy Dads”.)

Building Winning Streaks

Yuri Doroshuk points out the importance of building winning streaks to maintain progress in the weight loss journey. A momentum of consecutive days accomplishing set goals creates a sense of achievement and maintains motivation. Even when occasional obstacles arise, this string of successful days can act as a buffer, preventing major disruptions to the weight loss process.

Yuri Doroshuk Bio

Yuri Doroshuk’s is the founder of Health Changers Academy, and his journey to sustainable weight loss began with a pivotal moment on an airplane, struggling to fasten his seatbelt and feeling the uncomfortable pressure around his pants. This experience sparked a realization that change was necessary. 

After facing multiple failed attempts at weight loss, Yuri recognized the need for a realistic, sustainable, and enjoyable approach. This led him to shift his mindset, focusing on becoming the person he aspired to be rather than fixating on a specific weight goal. 

Yuri’s transformative journey inspired him to help others achieve sustainable weight loss by emphasizing the importance of taking it one day at a time and finding support through accountability and community. 

His story serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of mindset shifts in achieving long-term success in weight loss, motivating others to embrace a sustainable and enjoyable approach to their health and fitness goals.


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