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Ty Foster

Ty Foster is the Founder and Principal of Navigate to Greatness LLC, A leadership development organization that teaches athletes, business owners and professionals how to navigate large-scale life goals.

Ty’s articulate & pointed teaching style combined with love for people is certain to captivate and transform his audience to do great things before leaving the room.

Ty Foster became a Gold Star child at age 5 on May 17, 1987 when his father’s ship, the USS Stark, was fired upon by an Iraqi fighter jet, killing 37 US sailors on board. His father, Vernon Tyrone Foster, was one of the 37. Without his father, Ty’s journey to manhood was marked with the stress and dysfunction that led to confusion and aimlessness.

Pivotal to Ty’s transformational message is the principle he calls The Change Cycle: the idea that any difficult experience at any moment can generate multiple options to overcome the difficulty.

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Book – My Orange Duffle Bag: A Journey to Radical Change by Sam Bracken

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