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The Truce Podcast, Multi-Level Marketing and Napoleon with Chris Staron – BtR 201

Chris Staron founder and host of The Truce Podcast discusses why he started his show and the link between Christianity, multi-level marketing and Napoleon.

About Chris Staron

Chris Staron is the award-winning filmmaker behind Bringing up Bobby and Between the Walls. He’s also the author of the dramatic Christian thriller Cradle Robber. His heart is for people who are on the outside edges of popular Christianity: the under-represented, the skeptics, those hurt by the church. Truce is a vehicle to express the unmet needs of the outsiders. When he’s not juggling multiple episodes at the same time, Chris enjoys hiking, cross country skiing, improv comedy, and teaching Sunday school.

Check out Chris’ book Cradle Robber and movie Bringing Up Bobby on Amazon.

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