The Emotelligent Leader Kingsley Grant Building Effective Teams BtR 213

Kingsley Grant is providing the cure for toxic work environments and helping leaders unleash the human potential to build effective teams.

Kingsley is on a mission to REDEFINE LEADERSHIP from being a title or a position to being a way of life.

Leadership should not be WHAT you do but WHO you are

The WHO you are is what people connect to or disconnect from.

“People don’t quit their jobs, they quit bad leaders?”

  • 79% of people say that they left their job because their leaders failed to value and acknowledge them
  • Gallup research found that almost 70% of people are disengaged in the workplace?

If John Maxwell is right which Kingsley believes he is, “everything rises and falls on leadership!”

We are discussing in this episode how to REDEFINE LEADERSHIP by giving leaders a new script that makes people their #1 priority, is the place to start.


  • Turn Leaders Into Celebrities and Employees into Rockstars
  • Boost people engagement across all levels of the workplace.
  • Boost productivity and revenue
  • Increase employee happiness and satisfaction

In addition to that, I’ve recorded and published over 100 podcast episodes which can be accessed at .

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The Kingsley Grant Show, Kingsley podcast on emotional intelligence and servant leadership

Visit Kingsley’s website to book him for a speaking engagement or consultation and coaching at

Listen to the interview with Jerry – Former Army Sergeant Said This About Leadership That May Surprise You

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