Brent Dowlen is the host of The Fallible Man helping Christian dads break down the barriers that keep us from being whole, authentic men in our families.

Breaking Down the Bravado: Why Authenticity and Vulnerability Matter in Relationship Building with Brent Dowlen – BtR 370

If you’re feeling frustrated and disconnected from your loved ones, despite your efforts to be a good father and partner, then you are not alone! 

Brent Dowlen is the host of The Fallible Man helping Christian dads break down the barriers that keep us from being whole, authentic men in our families.

Relationship Building for Men: Breaking Down the Bravado

Many men struggle with the pressure of providing and being the strong, stoic figure in their families, which can lead to hiding their true emotions and putting up a façade. 

However, this approach often leads to a lack of real connection and understanding with loved ones. Instead, embracing vulnerability and authenticity can create stronger bonds and deeper trust, allowing for better communication and a healthier family dynamic. 

It takes courage to be vulnerable, but the rewards of more fulfilling relationships are worth it.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Gain insights on the importance of harmonizing fatherhood, masculinity, and self-improvement.
  • Recognize the crucial role of sincerity and vulnerability in fostering healthy family and partner dynamics.
  • Unearth the potential of fatherhood as a catalyst for growth, lifelong learning, and unwavering effort.
  • Investigate the power of resources like the Fallible Man Podcast and Conference in driving personal growth and fostering camaraderie.
  • Grasp the influence of mindful choices and self-accountability in shaping your life as a father and companion.


00:02:25 – Becoming a Father, Brent shares his experience of becoming a father to two daughters. He talks about how it changed his life and his desire to be the best father he can be. He also discusses the importance of modeling healthy relationships for his daughters.

00:09:37 – Healthy Relationships, The conversation shifts to the importance of modeling healthy relationships for children. Brent shares his experience of working in ministry and seeing men who focus on being tough and alpha at the expense of relationships with their children. They discuss the need for vulnerability and humility in parenting.

00:15:15 – The Fallible Man, Brent talks about his podcast, The Fallible Man, which aims to help Christian men become better fathers and husbands. He discusses the importance of being vulnerable and honest about our imperfections, rather than pretending to have it all together. He also shares his approach to life coaching and helping men achieve their goals.

00:26:49 – Final Thoughts, The conversation wraps up with a discussion about the importance of taking action and making changes in our lives. Brent emphasizes the need to focus on incremental improvement and making the next right choice. The host and guest encourage listeners to be intentional about their relationships and strive to be better every day.

00:27:51 – Authenticity and Vulnerability, 

Brent emphasizes the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in men’s conversations. He believes that rah-rah, alpha male get-togethers do not foster growth because they focus on bravado on the outside. In contrast, events that prioritize authenticity and vulnerability help men grow stronger on the inside.

00:33:30 – Final Words of Wisdom, 

Brent’s final words of wisdom are to choose one thing every day to improve oneself. He believes that this incremental improvement leads to real, measurable growth and long-term change.

Brent Dowlen, The Fallible Man

Introducing Brent Dowlen, a passionate life coach and host of The Fallible Man podcast whose mission is to inspire men to become better fathers and partners, relationship building that matters. 

Rooted in his Christian upbringing, Brent’s approach emphasizes the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in nurturing healthy relationships. 

Through his work in youth ministry and various life experiences, he has learned how vital it is for men to balance their protective instincts with a sensitive and open approach to parenting and partnership. 

Listen as Brent shares his insights on becoming a well-rounded father and husband, emphasizing genuine connection and emotional growth.


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