Helping servant leaders grow through the launch of my new company, BtR Impact.

JERRY’S SHORT: Building Beyond The Rut, Launching BtR Impact and Reaching Strategic Goals

In this Jerry’s Short episode of Beyond the Rut, I’ll talk about the launch of BtR Impact, the training and consulting arm of Beyond the Rut. I will be able to help servant leaders through books, speaking engagements, training workshops, and consulting projects.

Helping servant leaders grow through the launch of my new company, BtR Impact.

I will also talk about one of my goals to be a guest on 120 podcasts as a guest to encourage listeners to create their success as servant leaders while thriving in their faith, family, and career or business.

If you know of anyone who has a podcast similar to Beyond the Rut, I would be honored if you made an introduction to help people not only get out of their ruts but to live beyond the rut.

  1. BtR Impact is the training and consulting arm of Beyond the Rut
  2. Services include book sales, speaking engagements, training workshops, and consultation for training programs
  3. The main target of BtR Impact is to help companies build and support servant leadership in their company cultures
  4. With the launch of an upcoming book titled Beyond the Rut: Create a Life Worth Living in Your Faith, Family, and Career, I plan to be a guest on 120 podcasts in 2023

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00:00:58 Btr Impact: Training And Consulting Services For Individuals And Corporations
00:03:34 Marketing the book Beyond The Rut through 120 Shows


Hey, what’s going on Rutter Nation. This is Jerry from beyond the rut. And this is a Jerry short. In fact, it’s the first one to kick off the 2023 year. And I just wanted to spend some time to share with you some of the big wins from 2022. But then what’s up for 2023 For beyond the rut and for you as part of renter nation. So some of the biggest things, I attended Podcast Movement 2022, I got lots of inspiration, I got to network with lots of friends of mine from the podcasting space, so many great ideas on what to do to grow the show, and how to connect with you more and provide you with more value going into the new year. And then something really big happened, things changed. And I left my day job after I don’t know a long time of working a day job and decided to start my own company. So I filed the paperwork at the end of 2022. I now own a company called BTR impact. It is the training arm the consulting arm of beyond the rut. So anything like booksale speaking engagements, training, workshops, consultation for training programs, all those things will be funneled through BTR impact. That is a service I can provide to individuals as well as corporations. And predominantly companies though that’s kind of the main target here. But I think I’m gonna reserve a small little element for those who wants some group coaching or one on one coaching. All that is still coming together, and I’m excited about it. I buddied up with some friends of mine, Jody Mayberry Vincent Pugliese, Andy Stuart’s even reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to speak in his group of a think tank. Johns Hopkins University reached out to me just as I left my job, and asked if I would present at their career development conference called horizons by Hopkins. Huge win my first paid speaking gig out of the work environment. Really officially the first revenue check that BTR impact earned as well. How cool is that? So I left my job, started a company and almost immediately earned my first royalty check, no honorarium, that’s what they’re called honorarium. But the other thing that was really big for me is that it’s been on the heart of the show beyond the rut, to have a book out after year one. Well, seven years later, there was still no book. And I got challenged to finish the book, get it published. And that’s what I did. I hired some help a book coach through self published in And I’ve gone through their education program, I’ve met with a book coach who’s kept me on track, I’m working with an editor. And I’m happy to say that by the time you hear this, I’m just a month, maybe month and a half away from launching that book, it’s going to be called Beyond the rut, still working on the subtitle, but it’s going to be talking about how you can’t, you have to know your rut Are you t to get out of your rut, and live beyond the rut. So it’s really a breakdown of our u and T, recognizing the rut, understanding where you want to go, and then taking action to get there. I’m so excited about it, I’m going to be building my launch team. Around the time you hear this, if you’re hearing this, as soon as it launches, I’ll put some information, in fact, go to beyond team, you can sign up be a part of that you get a copy of the ebook. And just depending on your availability, we got some stuff for you to do to help promote this book and get it in the hands of those who need it. Oh, gosh. So what’s on tap for 2023? Well, here’s my biggest goal to get that book launched, to use that, to build awareness of beyond the rut, to help people who read the book, who listen to the show, and all that good stuff. To help market the book, one of my goals is to be a guest on 120 shows out there. So if you know a show that’s similar to this one, you know, hook me up, make an introduction, we’ll take it from there. You know, I started BTR impact, I want that thing to succeed. So I’ll be networking with companies who I’ve connected with through LinkedIn, and just let them know, this is what I do. This is what I can offer. And whether that’s them hiring me to do some workshops for them, or to do some training program consultation. So maybe they’re developing a Manager Development Program, and they want to build some servant leadership in their culture, then I can work alongside them to build the training components for that, and make sure that the training aligns with their strategic plan. There you have it. So those are the things those are like the big two, really, of what do I have on tap for beyond the rut, launching the book, having that feed back into the show, growing the listenership of this show with your help, but also with the book and guest appearances? And, you know, building revenue through beyond the rut or BTR impact. So it’s BEYOND THE RED impact. That’s what it stands for, and working with organizations, companies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, to help build a culture of servant leadership. There you go. If you want to keep joining me on this trip, I’d love to have you with me. Beyond the is the website, if you’re a company looking to hire me, BTR And I’ll put that link into not only the show notes here, but that will also be linked on beyond the So those two websites will be interconnected in a way. So you can get to one or the other. And then if you’re looking to have somebody talk to your organization about what to do when you get stuck in a rut, reach out to me, and maybe you want to hear about my story and how I chose happiness, despite everything I’ve gone through while growing up. And there you go, yeah, my hope is to build servant leaders and more specifically to help Christian men who are married, they’ve got children, they’re made, you know, these men are in their 30s and 40s. They’ve got a great career, they’ve got the house, the cars, all the boxes checked of what success should look like. But deep down inside feel like something is missing. And my hope is to help those individuals find connection and alignment in their faith, their family, their fitness, their finances, and their future possibilities, to make an impact on the world as a leader, and to live with purpose, so that when they do get to their deathbed, because we all do ultimately get to our deathbed, that we can say we had a life well lived and left nothing on the table. And I just, especially when it comes to our family relationships, I don’t want you all to look back and say, Man, if I just not check the email into the late night, and spend more time at my kids events, I think that would have made a big difference. So there we go, I want you to succeed and not lose the people who matter most in the process. So thanks for listening to me on this Jerry short little bit more than five minutes. But I’m just so excited about all the things I wanted to share. I want to keep doing this all throughout 2023. I’m going to do a very short each and every week. So this show just went from a weekly event to a semi weekly event. So Mondays you’ll have your guest interviews the traditional format of beyond the rut, and then on Thursdays, you’ll have a short little take from me, where I either do a little breakdown of the episode you just heard, or a completely different theme. But all of it’s meant to be a short little nugget to help get you through the weekend thinking about the future upskilling whatever it is you’ve got going on, and that kind of thing. So there you have it. I’ll keep in touch with you guys. Until next time, go live life beyond the rut. Take care.