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How to be Authentic as a Man in Today’s Society with Oscar Banks – BtR 149

Pastor Oscar Banks shares his story about becoming a minister and insights on how to be authentic as a man in today’s society. Growing up in a home that lacked a father, Oscar learned about authentic manhood from other father figures who stepped up to the challenge. Men who were teachers, coaches, and elders from his church invested time in his life to on what it meant to be a man of character.

Insights on How to be Authentic

What keeps us from living an authentic life as men? Today’s society floods us with messaging about what freedom, strength, and toughness look like for men. It includes things like sleeping around, living carefree, and not looking weak in front of the guys.

The aftermath leaves us living in loneliness while caving into peer pressure because we think we are actually living up to an image. It makes one wonder what does authenticity mean to these men who struggle and wallow.

Living an authentic life means first being true to ourselves no matter what the cost. It means choosing to go home to one’s family rather than hang out with the guys at a strip club. It means spending time in the relationships that matter most when given the choice and opportunity. If you want to know how to be authentic, start with knowing what you stand for and remove any semblance of compromise in your life.

3 Benefits of Living an Authentic Life

First, you garner more respect from others, and more importantly from yourself.

If you fake it in life, you become fake. When your actions are in alignment with your inner beliefs and values, people recognize and appreciate you for presenting your true self. They may not agree with what you present, but they at least respect that they can trust where you are coming from.

Think about someone you know whose words and actions do not align. You can spot a phony and you don’t have the respect for them they think you have, right?

Second, you find more happiness in life.

Stronger and closer relationships with those we love. Who does not want that? When you have figured out how to be authentic, people trust you and draw closer to you. This is not some formula on how to manipulate people to like you. It is about taking the time to show your genuine character consistently. Walk away from the things that pose a threat to what you hold most dear and you will find that your loved ones notice. They may not know of the decision you made, but they will know you decided to be there.

Third, you can exhibit authentic leadership at every level of your life.

When you are living an authentic life, that bleeds into every facet of your life. Your coworkers will be drawn to you because your leadership style is one they can count on. It is important that people understand where you are coming from. It is crucial they see your values and your behaviors speak truly to one another.

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