It's a new year so we are going to talk about how to make good new year's resolutions that will stick and help you succeed.

JERRY’S SHORT: A Guide to Making Good New Year’s Resolutions – JS004

In this episode, we are discussing how to create a good New Year’s resolution.

It's a new year so we are going to talk about how to make good new year's resolutions that will stick and help you succeed.

In this episode, we are discussing how to create a good New Year’s resolution. The first step is to write down the resolution and why it is important to you. Then, you need to set weekly activities and monthly milestones that will help you stay on track. To help with this process, there is a free worksheet available at which includes prompting questions and five emails to reinforce your concepts. With this worksheet, you can measure your progress throughout the year and make sure that you are on track to achieve your goals.


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Jerry Dugan 0:00

Hey, what’s going on Rutter Nation? This is another installment of Jerry’s Short. This is the fourth one I’ve ever done the second one for the 2023 year, and I wanted to talk with you about New Year’s resolutions. I know chances are you were out at a party or you’re at a gathering with friends or maybe just at home, talking about the new year. And somebody turned to you and asked, Do you have any new year’s resolutions for 2023, or whatever year you’re listening to this, if you’re in the past, that is impressive. Share some information with me so that we can make some bets. Or I guess I share information with you, you place the bets for me. That’s not important. This is a short episode, so I gotta quit dilly-dallying. But I wanted to talk about New Year’s resolutions because, you know, sometimes they sound like a great thing. Deep, deeply rooted in us. It’s something we want to improve in our lives. Maybe somewhere we feel stuck in a rut, whether it’s our physical fitness, which seems to be a common thing. I believe gym memberships jump up this time of year, and then they dwindle around March, April. But maybe it’s not a gym membership or physical fitness, maybe it’s a career goal you have, maybe it’s the goal to publish a book, write a song, start a blog, start a podcast, whatever it is, you probably have some kind of dream, some kind of goal you want to accomplish in 2023. And I’ve got a tool that will help you get there. So I put together a worksheet that will help you take your idea and put it onto paper and just that alone takes your dream or your idea or your goal. And it makes it real. And I mean, it makes it real in the sense that it’s now on paper. It’s on something physical, that you can look at and touch. And maybe it’s not a physical printed sheet of paper, maybe it’s a digital file that you pull up on your phone on a regular basis and read it. Or maybe it’s on your computers, when you’re at work, you fire up your computer and they’re on the desktop is your New Year’s resolution ready to go. So what are the four key elements in the New Year’s resolution worksheet? So you can you can get started? The first thing is what is the resolution itself? And I challenge you to write it in a couple of components with a couple of components. Use the smartphone format in terms of make it specific, make it measurable. So you know how you’re doing? What kind of progress are you making? Make it actionable, something that you can do, you’re not relying on somebody else’s results. You’re not just waiting for rain. It’s something you can produce. It’s you producing the rain in a sense. Is it really relevant to what you want to do? I knew somebody who always wanted to do cold shower therapy, but never really applied it to anything else. Why do you want to do cold shower therapy? You know, I don’t know. It’s just the thing everybody else is doing and it helps you tackle a tough thing during the day. Well, how does that help you move the needle forward? And then time beyond, you know, what is the timeframe you want to achieve your New Year’s resolution and for the most part, it’s the end of the year. But if you listened to the most recent episode of beyond the rut, where I talked with John Lee Dumas, 100 days, with 10 day sprints in the middle, leading up to the 100 days might be the way to go. I’m getting ready to read a book called the 12 week year. And that’s something I’m looking at. And then I’m getting ready to interview a guy named Simon Severino who talks about strategy sprints. So maybe one year is too big of a timetable to bring it down to like 10 week sprints or 12 week sprints, 10 day sprints, what have you. So first things first write down what is the resolution. But the second thing, and this is probably the most important thing, why is that important to you? What are you going to be able to achieve or experience in your life or your career or your family? Because of that resolution? So number one is what is the resolution itself? Or the goal? Use the smart format? And then second thing is why is it important to you? What are the feelings deep down inside, you’re going to feel that it bring you joy and satisfaction with accomplishing that specific resolution? The third thing you want to have is what are the weekly activities that help you get to that accomplishment? So what are the the operational goals that you need to accomplish? Is it making so many calls a week? Is it going to the gym so many days a week? Is it doing so many miles of walking? Those kinds of things? And then what are your monthly goals or your milestones that will keep you on track so that 12 months later, you’re gonna say yes, I did it. Now, if you want a worksheet that will help you go through this flow with some prompting questions. I’ve got a tool for you at beyond the year. So again, that’s beyond the year. Go ahead and download that. Not only will you get the free worksheet, you’ll get five emails that help reinforce and develop your concepts around developing those New Year’s resolutions. That’s so five emails all for free, plus a worksheet to help you write down your New Year’s resolution, why it’s important to you? What are you going to do each week to get there? And then what are the milestones to help you measure that you’re on track. So at the end of the year, you’re going to find out that you have found the success you want, and give yourself room to be human. So out of a seven day week, when four or five of those days towards your goal, you win the week, to win the month, three out of four weeks, you win the month, 10 out of 12 months in the year, you’re gonna win the year. Those measurables will help you know that you’re on track, and all that good stuff. So again, go to beyond the year, download my new year resolution worksheet, and also receive those five emails that help you map out that life you want to live beyond the rut by taking charge of this year. So there you have it. Go download that worksheet. Get those emails and go live life beyond the rut. Take care Transcribed by CancelExport