Emotional Intelligence and Building Emotional Capital

Emotional Intelligence and Building Emotional Capital – BtR 029

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the idea that we can be aware of our own emotions and attuned to the emotions of others. This includes the ability to build relationships and keep healthy relationships whether at home, school, or work.

The better we can harness the power of relationships at work the more we can see doors open for us and pull ourselves out of a rut.

Build Emotional Capital

Susan Scott, author and executive coach, talks about emotional intelligence as if we each have personal emotional bank accounts. Each person we encounter is either making a deposit or a withdrawal from our emotional bank account. The same is true for our impact on others. Every interaction we have is either making an emotional deposit in someone’s life or making a debit from that account.

In this episode, Jerry shares an instance where someone who is a taker in the workplace had a difficult time getting a project completed after months and months of toil. People avoided working with her. Information was rarely forthcoming. She often had to resort to power plays and calling on someone’s authority. This is the result of many years of missing the mark on workplace relationships, give and take, compromise, and taking care of people. Someone who has built emotional capital with others was easily able to accomplish all the same tasks with just one email.

Someone who makes a regular, genuine effort to care for other people in small ways as well as big ways, will see doors open, key connections made, and success come more easily.

So, listen to this episode and find out how to build an emotional bank account with others. Your success depends on this ability.

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