Sharing my wild ride from corporate burnout to podcast entrepreneurship and leadership development business.

My Wild Ride From Corporate Burnout to Podcast Entrepreneurship – BtR 401

Join me as I recount my journey from leaving a corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur. From valuable lessons in marketing and networking to the challenges of stretching savings and facing setbacks, my story will inspire and challenge you. But will I be able to make my business thrive and help leaders create thriving cultures? Tune in to find out.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore Jerry Dugan’s entrepreneurial journey for valuable insights and inspiration.
  • Discover the importance of aligning work with personal values for career fulfillment and success.
  • Understand the common challenges and setbacks in entrepreneurship and how to overcome them.


 00:00:00 – Setting the Stage for 2024

00:05:52 – The Turning Point

00:07:25 – Family Matters

00:09:53 – Health Struggles

00:11:53 – Embracing Change

00:12:32 – Self-Help Allegory in Real Life

00:15:22 – Financial Stretch

00:16:31 – Business and Book Launch

00:20:13 – The TENT Framework

00:25:51 – The Journey to Entrepreneurship

00:29:41 – Dealing with Setbacks

00:33:30 – Business Purpose and Mission

00:36:24 – Trailblazing into the Future 

Create a life worth living in your faith, family, and career

Discover Jerry Dugan’s Journey

Jerry’s voyage from corporate servitude to entrepreneurship is both inspiring and enlightening. His transition is characterized by self-reflection, a re-evaluation of personal values, and an assessment of how work aligns with these principles. As Jerry learns to navigate his new path, he uncovers invaluable insights about resilience, the significance of family, and the vital role of faith in life’s journey.

Align Work with Personal Values

Jerry’s tale underscores the importance of aligning work with personal values. He comes to the realization that while his job provides financial stability, it is at the expense of his familial relationships and overall wellness. This awareness triggers a life-altering decision leading him to prioritize family, leading to a more balanced and gratifying life.

Effective Career Transition Strategies

The episode also presents practical strategies for making a successful career transition. One such strategy is the concept of a top 25 or dream 50 list, which involves reaching out to past professional connections who can provide access to desired companies. This episode emphasizes the power of networking, the value of a growth mindset, and the importance of making intentional decisions during a career transition.


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