From Medical Discharge to Blogging for a Living and Purpose – BtR 204

Blogger LeeAnn Fox discusses how she helps Christian writers get noticed on the Internet.

This conversation includes how she tranformed her life after being medically discharged from the U.S. Navy. A high school dropout, LeeAnn taught herself how to blog for a living and a purpose. This is her story.

LeeAnn’s Bio

LeeAnn is passionate about helping Christian bloggers flood the Internet with more Jesus! Her latest website, Kingdom Bloggers, was created to help Christian bloggers reach their full calling to ministry by learning how to create a solid foundation so they can reach more people for the Kingdom. You will find content on all aspects of faith and Christian living, written by our amazing contributing writers.

Her courses help writers adapt their voice for the search engines of the World Wide Web. It is through her lessons that many writers have found an audience as they search for answers.

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You can see LeeAnn’s original blog and teaching site here, Girl Bosses Rock.

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