Turning Dyslexia Into a Ministry of Helping People Improve Communication – BtR 223

Lisa Placencia shares her story of overcoming dyslexia to earn a Masters Degree in Communication where she has spent the last 23 years helping churches and people improve communication.

About Lisa Placencia

Lisa Plasencia has over 23 years of experience in children’s ministry. Her masters in communication brings unique talents that include the ability to teach people how to give presentations, work together in groups, and how to use communication to build bridges and unite church members.

Her passion is teaching children, youth, and leaders on how to create an abiding relationship with God, which will impact their local church and community. She also, collaborates on new curriculum for the North American Division and developed the 2019 VBS theme.

Check out Lisa’ podcast, ChildMinChat at https://www.childminchat.com/podcast

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