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The Art of Balancing Entrepreneurship and Parenting – BtR 415

In a world where the demands of entrepreneurship often clash with the responsibilities of parenting, finding balance becomes an art. 

In this exploration of “The Art of Balancing Entrepreneurship and Parenting,” we delve into the insightful journey of Jason Galicinski, a father of ten children and a seasoned entrepreneur. Jason’s story not only highlights the challenges but also the invaluable lessons learned in merging these two significant aspects of life.

Being a Present Dad

Being intentional with the time you have to include time with your children: Jason emphasizes that love is best expressed through the gift of time. By prioritizing quality time with his children, he fosters deeper connections and creates lasting memories. Furthermore, Jason underscores the importance of being the kind of person his children genuinely enjoy being around, fostering an environment of trust, respect, and joy within the family.

Learning about your children: Understanding each child’s unique strengths, preferences, and perspectives is key to effective parenting. Jason emphasizes the importance of actively listening and engaging with his children to gain insights into their individuality. By doing so, he not only strengthens his bond with them but also equips them with the tools to navigate the world confidently, embracing their uniqueness.

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Balancing Entrepreneurship and Parenting

Modeling character for your children: As an entrepreneur, Jason recognizes the significance of modeling positive character traits for his children. Integrity, perseverance, and resilience are values he embodies in both his personal and professional life, serving as a guiding light for his children as they navigate their own paths.

Creating opportunities for your children to observe you in action: Jason believes in involving his children in his entrepreneurial endeavors, providing them with firsthand experiences of what work entails. By allowing them to witness his dedication, creativity, and problem-solving skills in action, Jason instills in them a sense of work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, he encourages them to envision their future roles in the world of business, fostering a sense of empowerment and possibility.

Word of Encouragement

Through intentional time spent with his children, learning about their individuality, and modeling character in both his personal and professional life, Jason Galicinski exemplifies the delicate balance between entrepreneurship and parenting. 

By nurturing strong family bonds and instilling invaluable life lessons, Jason inspires us to strive for harmony in our own lives, cherishing the moments we share with our loved ones while pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams.

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Jason Galicinski

Meet Jason Galicinski, a dynamic force in the realm of Christian nonprofits, boasting an impressive track record spanning two decades. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Jason’s journey began in the heart of Chicago’s ministry scene, where he spent ten transformative years. It was during this time that he keenly observed the challenges facing nonprofits, particularly in fundraising.

Jason Galicinski has been practicing the art of balancing entrepreneurship and parenting so that he can have more presence in the lives of his children and not miss out on knowing them and being there for them.

Driven by a passion for innovation and service, Jason took action. In 2006, he pioneered Ministry Sync (now FundEasy), a groundbreaking software tailored to revolutionize fundraising events for nonprofits. His brainchild swiftly gained traction, empowering thousands of ministries worldwide and facilitating the raising of over $1 billion for noble causes.

In 2016, Jason embarked on a deeply personal mission, answering a heartfelt call to establish a ministry dedicated to rescuing and educating street children in the impoverished slums of Zambia, Africa.

Residing just beyond the vibrant pulse of Nashville, Tennessee, Jason is the proud patriarch of a bustling household, sharing his life’s journey with his beloved wife and their ten cherished children. His unwavering dedication to faith and family fuels his tireless pursuit of impactful solutions and innovative strategies.

Beyond his groundbreaking ventures, Jason is a trusted mentor, guiding nonprofit leaders toward their own paths of success. Tune in weekly to catch his wisdom and insights on the Fundraising Masterminds Podcast, where his passion for philanthropy and entrepreneurial spirit shine brightly.


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