Capsho has been such a game-changer in my podcasting workflow that I can't imagine a time when I didn't have it. Actually, yes, I can, and that time sucked.

From Hours to Minutes: The Time-Saving Power of Capsho for Podcast Production

Discover the game-changing tool that has revolutionized podcast production from hours to just minutes for me.

With Capsho, I went from spending hours creating just a title and show notes to just minutes! This freed up valuable time for other tasks like creating social media posts, graphics, and soundbites, and repurposing my interviews into blog posts and emails.

Have you ever wished for a miracle to save you from the laborious process of podcast production? Well, let me share with you the unexpected twist that changed everything for me.

Picture this: hours spent on audio editing, drafting titles, and descriptions, until one day, I attended a Podcast Movement conference where Jared Easley introduced me to Deirdre Tshien. He simply said over the din of the party, “Jerry, you need to meet Deirdre! She created an awesome tool that I know you’ve been needing for a long time,” and then he was gone.

Capsho and Its Time-Saving Power

It turns out that Deirdre is the founder of Capsho, an innovative and AI-driven solution that not only transformed my audio content into transcripts but also title creation and show notes! This was exactly the tool I’d been telling Jared I needed for years.

But what happened next? How did this tool become my trusted ally? Stay tuned, because the game-changing journey with Capsho is about to unfold before your very eyes as I take you through a demo of the platform and some of the ways I am using Capsho to shave hours off my production time.

In this video, you will be able to:

  • Gain insights on how Capsho enhances podcast production, creating a frictionless creative process.
  • Reinvent the wheel by learning innovative ways to repurpose podcast content across social media and blog platforms.
  • Apprehend the unmatched time-saving capabilities of Capsho and the potential it holds for your podcast production.


00:00:00 – Introduction,

00:00:45 – Time-consuming podcast production process,

00:02:14 – Introducing Capsho,

00:04:00 – Using Capsho templates,

00:06:44 – The finished product,

00:14:27 – Capsho: A Game-Changing Tool,

00:15:09 – Time-Saving Efficiency,

00:16:26 – Try Capsho for Free,

An AI-powered platform, Capsho provides a wide range of benefits: it generates accurate transcripts, aids in SEO optimization, saves effort in writing show notes, and automates the creation of promotional posts on social media platforms. The platform ensures reliability, offering original content since it solely transcribes the host’s and the guests’ words, eliminating worries of plagiarism.

Capsho’s efficiency and accuracy can significantly increase productivity and streamline the podcast production process.

  1. Faster production time for your podcast

Harnessing the power of automation technology can be the secret weapon to revolutionizing a podcasting workflow. By leveraging tools like Capsho, manual tasks such as transcribing, writing show notes, and creating social media posts can be simultaneously automated, drastically minimizing production time. Successfully navigating automation can allow podcasters to focus more on creative tasks including guest engagement, strategic planning, and unique content creation.

  1. Easy to repurpose your one episode into multiple content pieces

Repurposing podcast content has never been easier with tools like Capsho. A single podcast episode can be transformed into multiple forms of content such as blog posts, social media updates, videos, and infographics, thereby efficiently extending the reach of the material. This ability to leverage an episode’s content across multiple platforms not only diversifies the podcast’s audience but also maximizes the creative value of the content.

With its AI-powered platform, Capsho generates accurate transcripts and write-ups based on your audio content, saving you time and effort.

And, yes. I did use Capsho to process this video to produce this title and description.


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You. Hey, what’s going on everybody? This is Jerry from Beyond The Rut, and I just want to share with you one of the tools that has been a total game changer for me in the production of the podcast beyond the Rut. A lot of people have been asking, how did you get your show up to the top 1% of Listen Notes? How did you increase your downloads?

I see you everywhere now in the last twelve months or so. How are you doing this? And the reality is, I didn’t do it alone. I did it among a community of people who helped inspire me, encourage me and all that. But also on the production side, I was able to speed up what I was doing, so doing more in the same amount of time, which allowed me to accelerate things like not just having one episode pushed out there.

But also show notes, blog posts, social media posts, idea of what I’m going to do to share this information with people out there who don’t just listen to podcasts but consume content and learn through different media. Which made total sense to me as an educational technology degree holder. So what was that tool before? I tell you the tool, though, which you probably already know from seeing the title, I guess. But before the tool, it took me about an hour to prepare for the guest, an hour to interview the guest, an hour to edit, sometimes more time than that altogether.

So anywhere from three to 5 hours just to get the audio done. And then I realized I still have to give this thing a title. I still have to write descriptive show notes so that Google will find this on my website and bring people to the episode to listen to that’s just for Google to do its part or to give a description into my podcast host. So if you found my show on Spotify or on Apple podcasts, you knew at least what the episode was about, and that would take another hour and a half, sometimes 2 hours, to really think about what was this episode about again? What were the key points?

I better go back and listen, although I did just listen to this. And then from there, what are the things to say? How do I draft this without just throwing a transcript up there? And I know there’s some people who do that. Well, here comes this tool, and it’s called Capshow.

And Capshow takes my audio. So it’s AI, but other than other AI that’s out there, where it just draws from the entire Internet. And you’re worried now about is this really my work or is it plagiarism of somebody else’s work? Capshow AI takes my audio, so my words, my guests words, creates a transcript, and then from there creates the write up for me. So everything that’s in there is something from me.

It’s not pulled from the internet, it’s not pulled from somebody else’s resource. It’s pulled from my audio and my audio only. And so that gives me peace of mind as well. So now I can operate faster. And then on top of that, I’m not going to really get sued because it’s my words and my guests words, and I own those things because of my recording.

Let me show off this tool here. So I’m going to present my screen, and what we’re looking at right now are my folders. I only have one because I only have one show. And this is what I see once I log into Cap show. When I click onto my show, I have a list of my episodes here and it’ll just scroll through.

I’ve got up to 44 episodes already. So this gives you an idea of how long I’ve used it for, how many episodes, and so on. I did say it’s been for the last year. Now I’m going to go ahead and click on my most recent episode from September 6 at the time of this video. And so it has a title, but that’s because I’ve already gone through this process.

Now, if I didn’t, I’d see something more like this. BTR 384, Stephanie Jordan, on and on and on. So that’s the file name plus some Identifiers there. But once you’ve picked a title, this will show up in your feed. So I’m clicking on that.

You’ll see here that I have my title. I have my write up. Not a whole lot of formatting to it, but this is based off a template that I have saved. So there’s a generic template, and then I added some components. And then I click this button up here that says Save Layout as template.

So on my account, I have a template that’s called the beyond the Rut template. Oh, my cat Bradley is meowing at me. He wants attention. Anyway, that’s not important. We’re talking about this screen here.

So this is the write up I get from my template. I get a title. And let me show you what happens when I click on Title. It gives me options here. So I have something like four, five different options to choose from.

Embrace audacity and reach new heights. Break free from your rut and thrive. The four principles of the Bold Framework. What are some other ones here? Discover your path to personal growth and fulfillment, overcome obstacles, and live an audacious life.

The bold framework explained. And you’ll see my final title is really an adaptation of this one. So this was the one out of the five I went with. I wanted something shorter. And just using another tool called Keywords Everywhere, I was able to hone in and say, people do look for the phrase live your best life, your best life.

So I put that into the final title. I loved Audacious Life because it tied in with Oddly Stevenson’s Brand, the Audacious Living podcast. And then he had a framework he talked about predominantly through this episode. So what is the bold framework? We’re going to talk about that in the show.

So that was the title I ran with. And then you see where I adapted it with my own little tweak. You don’t have to take the AI verbatim. There is a little bit of work here. But I’ll tell you, using this tool took a one and a half hour to two hour process and whittled it down to about ten to 15 minutes for me, on average, about ten minutes.

So because of this template, now I’m proofreading. I just read through this thing and I’m like, okay, I like this, I like this. Let me change this paragraph here. There are too many chapters. Let me narrow it down.

I like how it’s worded. Well, actually, this one not quite what we talked about. I’ll remove stuff, change stuff, that kind of thing. And then I have three additional paragraphs here that are called value details. That’s this icon here.

So that’s how that got added. And I’ve got options here. So you see all three, and I used all three because I wanted to have some SEO rich, search engine optimization rich content. So that’s where I went to get that. Some other tools that are on here.

But let me switch over now and show you the finished product on my website.

And that is hold on a SEC, guys. There it is. I moved something around on my screen and lost it for a SEC, but here we go. Now I can show you the finished product. So this is the finished product on the left hand side.

I don’t know why, guys, right now my website decided it’s going to give 50 50 to the widgets on the side here, but that’s not important. Left side, you got my graphic. It’s got the title in there. So this is what I use on social media to share it as well. And then there’s my title, and it’s BTR, episode number 385.

There’s the first sentence from that write up that you see in my Cap show. Then I’ve got my episode embedded. And then I added this here because I didn’t have an H Two header. But again, live your best life. Your best life.

That was the phrase I wanted. That in the first H two header that I had. There it is. And then in this episode, you’ll be able to the objectives are there. My special Guest, that was just a bold header.

Then I made chapters in h two. I made gain insights. So then I made some H Three headers out of those value posts. So the first sentence from each of those three paragraphs, the value details, I turned into H Three headers. And then I’ve got my Bio here of my Guest, which I pulled from my guest’s website.

But I also used a blend of what Capsho gave me. I put those together and I had a slightly unique bio for my guest and the rest are just common things. I have resources to reach my guest, other related episodes and connect with me. So those are usually copy and paste from there and then how did I get my transcript? Well, that came from guess where Cap Show you’re, right?

Basically, if you are using your transcript for SEO or you’re using it for the hearing impaired, captcho can prepare that for you. And I’ll show you where to get that.

Over here on the left hand side. So here, this is just the title and description part of what Captcho does. That’s just one thing that Capture does here. So when we are looking at other tools there we go. I went blank there, guys.

Sorry about that. We’re looking at other tools on Cap Show. This is what we’re selected here right now. But let’s say I want social media. I click on this little bubble here and it gives me options for Facebook.

And so I could do promotional posts, gives me options here like that. There’s three different ones to choose from. I could do an engagement type of post on Facebook and again, it gives me script to choose from here, here’s another one. And if I like any of it, I just click Add, puts it into the workspace on the right. And then educational posts are more I just want to give you information.

So promotional is, hey, I got a new episode here’s why you should listen. Engagement posts are hey, what do you think about this topic? Where have you run into this in your life? And education posts which are, hey, here’s some facts from an interview I recently did with my guest. Cool thing about the educational posts is that I can take that content and reformat it into graphics like those carousel graphics you see on Instagram or LinkedIn.

This is a great place to get that content. And now you got a five to seven slide deck you can share on your social media in a very nice, clean way. But I also have LinkedIn prompts as well. Same for promotional engagement and educational posts. And I got usually about three to choose from.

And you could do a blend of all those if you like to post on YouTube. There’s the same thing for your YouTubes and YouTubes, for your YouTube videos, your shorts and so on. Same three categories, promotional, engagement and educational. If you’re on Twitter or anything like Twitter, you can use these as well. Now that’s not all, guys.

I also use Capshow to take my content and give me prompts for my emails. So what’s my heading? It gives me different ideas for my heading or subject line. And then from there, what kind of email do I want to write? Do I want to write a promotional email or an engagement email?

Sometimes I’ll go to the prompts from social media and I’ll use that for my email so you’re not bound or restricted to whatever was shown in that category. That’s what you got to use. So if you see something in one area and you know that’ll work well as your email post, use it. I typically will choose either Facebook or LinkedIn because I only focus on LinkedIn or Facebook as my social media know, believing in that less is more. And then I’ll post occasionally on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.

But only if I see what I’ve used for. LinkedIn and Facebook can be repurposed quickly into those. So I’m not stressing over I got to have the biggest Twitter following or anything like that. I’m looking for engagement and growth on LinkedIn primarily and then also doing the same on Facebook. So that’s my strategy.

You may have a different one. You could still leverage capshow for you transcript because I mentioned that a long long time ago. Where do I get my transcript? I just click on this button here on the left that says Transcript and it gives me options here. I can have it by speaker or by time since almost all my episodes or at least more than half are with a guest, I have my transcript by speaker and I get to label speaker A and speaker B as myself or my guest.

So that’s there. And then I can either export the transcript either to my Google Drive, download it as a doc file or as an SRT file. You also have a third option which I do because I’m just old school. I just click. Somewhere in this space, I hit Command A or control A.

If you’re on a PC that highlights everything and then command C or Control C to copy it. Then I open up a text file, paste it there. Now I have it as a text file that I’ll put as either an attachment to my show notes or I’ll just copy and paste the whole thing. So I’ve got that option. I can also write a LinkedIn article.

Again, I’ll either repurpose a blog post because it does that too, blog posts, what listicle, how to blog Q and a blog expert blog and there’s so much more. It’s so cool and I just clicked something because I got click happy. Sorry about that. I’m going to pause until this thing undoes itself. It undid itself.

Awesome. So there’s that and I haven’t even played with everything because they just recently upgraded to this whole creative studio for the pro level, the higher level. And this takes my same video or audio and identifies for me the snippets, the sound bites that would be very useful to have. So if I want to go back into my show and get myself a good 20 to 32nd clip, I do now know that around 25 minutes in, 26 minutes in, I’ve got this section and I don’t have to use the whole thing. It just helps me find it and then boom.

It also will generate scripts for me, so that I can do an intro before the clip, and then an outro after the clip with a call to action, all that is available here, and potent quotables. So what are cool things that my guest or myself said? And I’ll share this with my guest, or if you’ve seen me put some quote graphics out there on my social media, this is where I’m getting those ideas from, that my guest said something really cool, but I couldn’t remember it verbatim. Boom. Capshow found it for me.

And there it is. So those are the tools, that’s one tool I’ve used that has completely changed my game.

And again, it took 90 minutes, a 90 minutes process, almost 120 minutes process, and it cut it back down to about ten minutes, no more than 15 minutes. Depends on how picky I get. And then not only that, I now have anywhere from 80 to 110 minutes freed up to do all the other things. Graphics. I can now do video clips, and I use a different tool for that, and I’ll show you guys that later.

I can write blog posts by repurposing what I’ve got. So I take that one episode and repurposed it now into social media posts, long form posts, clips, infographics, you name it. And I just love it. Guys, if you like this little review of mine, I just love it. Because for just a few hundred bucks, I essentially have a robot as my virtual assistant.

And then when I do get to a point where I can hire a virtual assistant, guess what tool I’m going to hand off to that virtual assistant? Yes, capshow. Because that’s going to speed up that virtual assistant’s process so that virtual assistant can do even more things that drive the needle forward for Beyond The Rut and BtR Impact, LLC. So there you have it. I’ve got the link there if you want to try this out for free for a couple of weeks.

Capshow has this promo that they’re giving away. So Beyond The, Capshow get signed up, try it out, test drive it, ask them questions, and if you really want some support, upgrade to their community. It’s at the highest level. So the Cap Show Collective, amazing group of folks, people in the marketing industry show up. They’ve really helped me hone in Simplify again, I keep saying less is more, and when I do, the less it’s, the more impactful things that fit my work schedule as a solo, independent podcaster.

Thank you for watching this video. I hope you found value in it. If you want to listen to episodes of Beyond The Rut, just go to or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, search Beyond The Rut. And until we meet again, go live life Beyond The Rut. Take care.