Travel Tall

Yes, Eric Giuliani titled his blog after the fact he is 6’10” tall. There is more to this story, however.

Travel Tall tells about how we should move through life. It is about moving through life with an intentional focus on what matters most. Eric began his journey as a burned out corporate salesperson, and found adventure in a time when we think there are no more adventures.

We caught up with Eric. He shares his story in this episode of Beyond the Rut. You will get a glimpse of his lessons learned, and why this was worth the effort for him.

How Will You Travel Tall?

There is a 3-year voyage waiting for you to take the first step. It is not a literal globetrotting adventure. Your travel tall experience may be to learn an art, write a book, find a way to feed the homeless. There is something in this world that ignites your passion. You feel good about doing it, about learning how to do it better. We want to encourage you to discover what that it and pursue it.

Resources and Links – Check out Eric Giuliani’s Travel Tall adventures here. Read his blog, and watch his videos.

Hire Eric for your next hotel website update. See his portfolio.

Listen to our first interview with Eric. The full version is here, BtR 067.

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Travel Tall Homecoming with Eric Giuliani – BtR 107
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