the power of emotions to drive our daily decisions if we lack self-awareness to control them

Simon Harris on How to Leverage the Power of Emotions – BtR 302

Simon Harris from Freedom Project 2-2-2 discusses how to leverage the power of emotions to override the patterns that hold us back.

the power of emotions to drive our daily decisions if we lack self-awareness to control them
Simon Harris is one of three founders behind Freedom Project 2-2-2 helping people recognize the power of emotions over their lives to break patterns that keep them stuck in a rut.

The Power of Emotions

The question to ask yourself is whether you’re ready to be in the driver’s seat of your life, or continue to be the passenger while the emotions of your past do the driving?

If left unchecked, your emotions drive most of your decision-making throughout the day and over the span of your lifetime, good or bad. 

Emotions are a powerful tool in our arsenal to navigate and survive in life. You may be familiar with the term fight-or-flight when it comes to conflict or perceived danger. The most popular topic or theme in music is romantic love. The marketing industry capitalizes on the Daniel Kahneman’s work that we all react emotionally first before we get rational. 

Here is more to consider on the power of emotions. Your emotional arsenal, or patterns, are the sum of all the other patterns you were exposed to while growing up. That means you are the result of the patterns you observed from parents, teachers, friends, etc. When faced with a new situation and there are a lot of gaps in the information presented, you fill in the blanks from the memories triggered by your emotional memories of a similar situation. You fall into these patterns when you don’t give it much thought. 

Freedom Activation Coaching by Simon Harris is about having that emotional intelligence and self-awareness to change the patterns of your life. In other words, he helps you find the mindset patterns that keep you stuck in a rut, so you can make a change in your path towards the meaningful life you always dreamed of living.

In This Episode

  • Simon Harris the futures stock trader and adrenaline junkie
  • The youngest person to be on the trading floor and opening his own trading firm
  • Being the driver or the passenger of your life
  • Diversity of thought and its benefit over our lives
  • Right or wrong, our words carry energy in our lives
  • How our emotions can betray us in trading and in life
  • The power of a great coach in your life
  • Different patterns in our perspectives from each other, same situations different perspectives
  • Our memories fill in the blanks for our current situations and assessments
  • Why do we essentially become just like our parents
  • Must have awareness of what is triggering you
  • Need to determine whether to hold onto or release the emotions you experience
  • Does it really matter? Does this pertain to the here and now, or are you reliving a past experience or trauma from patterns ingrained in your mind?
  • Freedom Activation Coaching – Getting away from the emotional patterns that hold you back
  • We create and draw to us what we think about
  • Are you prepared to take care of yourself first?

Simon Harris

“What’s the meaning of life? Why are we put here? It is love, pure and simply love.” 

These were the words Simon read at his wife Gabrielle’s service following her passing after her four-year journey with cancer. They had both chosen these words a week before her passing to express their new way of thinking and feeling about life.

Simon is a very successful financial futures trader in London.

He founded his own trading firm. He was a semi-professional race car driver and won a UK championship. He lived life very fast, addicted to adrenaline which made him feel alive and happy.

During a hypnotherapy session in his 30’s, Simon uncovered forgotten traumatic childhood events he had suppressed from his memory. When asked to go back to when he was last happy Simon found himself on a beach in France, at age 8.

Simon’s perspective on life had another major shift when Gabs was diagnosed. He searched for answers and cures to support Gabs and their two children. Gabs was very clear she wanted to live a happy life, not just survive. It was during this searching he found Per Schiottz, the developer of what is now Freedom Activation. The profound power and simplistic nature of this process attracted Simon with his “less is more” view of things. Simon found the work of Sydney Banks and the Three Principles which then lead to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Simon and Gabs went to one of Dr. Joe’s week-long meditation retreats in Cancun and there they both witnessed and had extraordinary mind and body experiences. It was here they both met Scott and Em and their deep friendship was formed. “We all love to be playful and happy!”

Simon’s world shifted forever after a very powerful meditation during which an unknown energy force took over his body. Gabs also experienced dramatic short-term healing and they both knew Simon must follow this path for his sake and their children’s sake.

Simon has now become one of a select few qualified to guide and teach Freedom Activation. He continues to develop this powerful tool. He uses Freedom Activation to great effect inside the Freedom Project with amazing results! He is studying Havening, HeartMath, Wim Hof, and SOMA, and is looking to become a freediving instructor, alongside his hobbies of sailing, skiing, tennis, walking, and still driving very fast cars on racing circuits around the world.

His passion is gaining knowledge and experiences to continually become more than he thought he was. He is passionate to share his experiences and wisdom to help others realize they are far more powerful than they think they are.

“Seeing the changes on people’s faces when they release the burdens, they have been carrying for so long and seeing the relief and happiness and smiles appear is so uplifting every morning. We all heal together.”

Resources and Links

Learn more about the Freedom Project 2-2-2 at Here you will find more information on the Freedom Activation coaching offered by Simon Harris, and services offered by his business partners. Em Hollis provides breathwork to gain clarity and health, and Scott Sunderland, past guest of Beyond the Rut, goes through the mindset shifts that will help you create the life you dream of living beyond the rut.

You can also connect with Freedom Project 2-2-2 on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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