How Creating Disney Magic Changed the Life of Jody Maberry – BtR 170

Creating Disney Magic Header

Brandon and Jerry talk with podcast producer Jody Maberry as he reflects on how working with Lee Cockerell to produce the podcast Creating Disney Magic changed his life. Meeting Lee Cockerell Reaching out to Lee Cockerell may have been the biggest leap of faith Jody Maberry had taken early in his podcaster career. At the … Read more

Dan Cockerell’s 27 Years of Leadership Lessons Working for Disney – BtR 147

Leadership Lessons from Dan Cockerell

Dan Cockerell took some time on a Saturday morning to share with us his 27 years’ worth of leadership lessons learned while working for Disney. Today, this veteran of The Disney Company is making the transition to keynote speaking and coaching as a profession. Leadership Lessons Dan’s leadership principles put great value on spending time … Read more

The Best Beyond the Rut Moments of 2017 – Btr 113

Beyond the Rut Best of 2017

Beyond the Rut in 2017 Beyond the Rut is a podcast about encouraging, inspiring, and equipping you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of beyond the rut. Many of our listeners have expressed over the years how they have a good job, they love their families, but life somehow … Read more

Creating Career Magic with Lee Cockerell – BtR 072

Creating Career Magic with Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell Lee Cockerell has accomplished things you would not expect from someone born and raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma. It would seem like life was stacked against Lee. He was a college dropout, so that must be the end of the road, right? Not quite. Hard work and the willingness to learn new skills and … Read more

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