Ten Free Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage – BtR 234

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Why Strengthen Your Marriage?

Brandon and Jerry share ten free tips that you can use on any given day to strengthen your marriage.

Our relationships are in constant flux, and that goes for marriages as well. You either work daily to strengthen your marriage or you let it drift into isolation away from your spouse.

While we discussed in the first episode of our 8-part marriage series that it’s not accurate that half of all marriages end in divorce, it is likely that we did not get into a marriage relationship with divorce as the end-goal. What is likely is that your intention was to truly live out the vows from that wedding ceremony. You want to cherish someone, hold someone, have someone for the rest of your life.

This episode offers up ten ways you can strengthen your marriage every day, and the cost is FREE or very close to free. Why would you not take these free steps to strengthen your marriage?

Here are five of the ten ways to strengthen your marriage we discuss in this episode:

  1. Leave a note for your spouse that encourages or compliments
  2. The moment you both come home from work, spend 20-30 minutes reconnecting with each other
  3. Make a card or gift with the materials you already have at home
  4. Complain less
  5. Say “Thank you!” when your spouse does something for you

These tips may seem simple, but it is often the little things that will build trust as we discussed in episode 232. Give this episode a listen and start applying one of their tips today, and to hear the other five tips.

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